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alexis · 8/26/2015

This game is great but I give it 4 stars because I just wish this game was a little bit more realistic with the tasks that we do it honestly shouldn't take so many hours to do stuff.

asia · 8/28/2015

Love absolutely. Love this game in addicted

Sumaiya · 8/24/2015

I have been playing Sims when I was a kid.i still collect all the Sims series(I'm 23 now😆)the problem with this game is that u need lifestyle points for birthdays,to bake a cake??seriously??but why!!and its not possible to find or collect this lifestyle points that easily!why do I need those points for these things!?and the Sims don't autonomy will like other Sims series!please fix!it become difficult to play!

jerri-lynn · 8/20/2015

Love it! Wish the prices for stuff were more realistic tho. Add me! Player041690476

Kallie · 8/12/2015

I absolutely love this game. I don't need to spend actual money on this game. It's fairly simple to earn coins and the different point. I play all the time so feel free to add me as a neighbor PLAYER969249804

Reyes · 8/21/2015

Works like a charm, but would be better if you allow the game to play without connection. There's sometimes I want to play at places with no internet access and I can't. Please, just PLEASE, make it possible to play without an internet connection. Love the game

shelly · 8/27/2015

I forgot to add. Something's dont work on here. Like I can't see the whole adding my Nabors on here. I need more Nabors so I can complete my task.

Kyle · 8/7/2015

Great game. Only complaint is that actions and tasks are excessively long to complete, even for a time management type game. Also, have not figured out how to use the party boat (says to sign in at the game hub - but it doesn't seem to be that solution). The game however runs extremely well on my Lumia 635 without crashes or lags.

Kevin · 8/5/2015

I'm actually loving this game! Highly addictive the one thing I would love to have added is down in the lower left the power meters to indicate sleep and bathroom and stuff. Note which they are lr allow them to be clickanle. I'm at a loss on what the two are on the far right they are in the red tho :(

J. · 8/2/2015

Absolutely love this game ...........just wish you didn't have to do so much to level up and you could walk to others houses, actually "carry" the baby like having a pregnancy,and be able to have multiples(twins,triplets,etc.) Other than that this is a great app.


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