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Sabrina · 7/25/2015

Too many glitches!!! when I updated the game the actions didn't want to work right and everytime I try to do the same thing as I always do like put my phone on sleep or go to my text messages or answer a phone call I can still manage to come back and be where I left off at now it drops on me and I have to go back to the app press on it and restart it up all over again and I'm almost towards the end. Please read the reviews and fix this problem.

Guetdina · 7/14/2015

It's a very good game and it can get very addictive but one problem I have is that you can't sign in with Facebook. I was level 32 and had alot of lps but now it doesn't even have the thing where you download things and get lps. I think it ridicules. You can't watch videos and get lps like apple and Android phones have. Also for I don't have friends on the party boat so I only get one reword for every 24 hour. But its still a good game but it still should let you log into facebook.

Lisa · 7/26/2015

The sorcery is witchcraft, and should not be a part of your game. It gives children the impression that evil is fun. I'm kindly requesting that you remove the sorcery store and spell casting tasks from the game. Thank you.

White's · 7/27/2015

Please fix keeps crashing and the I always have to do the tasks over and over again because of it and at times my 1 day tasks would of been done !!!! Fix please

Danielle · 7/10/2015

Used to work great on my windows phone but since I updated my software to 8.1 the game will not load on the rare occasion that it does all of the words are blacked out. I've made it to level 36 after already having to restart at level 27; it's frustrating because I really enjoyed this game. Please fix it

Felicia · 7/28/2015

Pretty addicting!!!!!! Love it.

Mystic · 7/6/2015

In this version of the game. All quest are impossible to complete with overly drawn-out day long activities. The ability to pick which quest we would like to complete first should be possible. Everything is so tacky combined with the impossibility of leveling up quicker and earning enough points to get better looking items. There is also a lot lacking. With the addition of the mall, I'm unsure what more comes with it. Hopefully, better everything. Especially, furniture! I would also like to be able to view rooms from different perspectives. Since they removed Facebook login, I've lost my entire game. I would have simply preferred to have been migrated to an EA Origin account. Like for Mass Effect 3 on PS3. COME ON, EA!

Sasa · 7/6/2015

((new) After few game updates, all works as well.) (old) During a task, game resets itself when exiting, what slows down the whole progress and takes time required for solving tasks.

Niki · 6/24/2015

Usually works great and is so fun, I'm addicted! Last night it wouldn't load or let me on the app at all, same problem today 😓 I hope the problem gets fixed bc its a 5 star game when it works!

Alex · 7/1/2015

Good time waster. The game does bug out and lock me out, and I still am locked out, but It's fun to create people and mess with them, so if you have some spare time, and don't know what to do with it, I recommend this game.