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Rebekah · 5/20/2015

Such a simple but fun and addicting game

Matthew · 12/28/2014

Had to uninstall it. I do not mind playing a freemium game, but when they practically force you to buy to keep playing, then it should be sold outright. Nice game, but levels will force you to buy, cannot pass through on skill and brains alone. Move on to the next game.

Jared · 11/24/2014

Terrible freemuim mechanics run this game. It tries to extort money to continue, to win, to progress. It raises the difficulty so quickly and provides no free way to earn your easy forward. All this AND it is riddled with ads. Avoid.

Harrison · 11/14/2014

Fun game, pay to play, not worth it. It would be different if the pay options were just optional, but the way they've done it, it is nearly if not completely impossible to get through without real cash.

Dusty · 11/11/2014

I'm addicted to this game. I would rate it higher if there were other options to get more of the purchasable items. I can't afford to drop $2 constantly. There needs to be bundle packages and ways to gain more freebies while playing. Cannot buy scaffolding at all!

Jeffrey · 10/8/2014

Agonizingly easy and hard at the same time. I've reached and beat the last playable level and would love to continue. There's no *must pay to play* aspect unless you are an impatient person. Had to play one or 2 levels a hundred times before barely beating never payed for anything.

Wendy · 9/25/2014

Good time killer. Too bad you are forced to buy something or go no further. Oh and the store cant actually locate that item anyway. Uninstalling.

Elio · 8/11/2014

Loved it! It's so addictive!

Charles · 8/8/2014

Its ok. Has a little bit of Tetris and Legos flavor but I can't say its addictive. Enjoyed it but the dependence on concrete is a bit over the top for me

Sherrie · 7/17/2014

Must pay to advance. Others are right. Fun game but only give a couple of cement to try then must pay.