• REINFORCE your reputation as the finest builder in the kingdom by finishing 65 fiendish levels!
  • CONSTRUCT Castle Towers and other structures without any cracks to prove your knowledge and skill!
  • CONNECT to Facebook and follow your friends' progress on the game map!
  • DROP your jaw in amazement as you just barely manage to build a bridge across a river or gaping pit!
  • PICK your moves carefully in limited move levels, or frantically try to beat the clock in timed levels!
  • GIFT your friends free lives and other assistance, and get some in return!

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David · 4/6/2014


Andrew · 2/24/2014
Good start.

I've had no crashes and have completed all the free levels. The amount of free content is pretty low and the visuals could be better for those with decent systems. No idea how many levels you get when you buy the next set. All in all it gets the job done.

Kim · 8/9/2014
Fun version of Tetris

Enjoying building castle endlessly!!! If you like Tetris, then you like this game even more.

Dennis · 8/2/2014

Fun and Challenging

Cassandra · 6/16/2014
Fun and challenging

I have enjoyed this game very much...more challenging than it looks. Fun.

Lisa · 5/22/2014
Must buy power ups.

Game was fun for a while. I didn't want it linked to my Facebook or anything else, but that wasn't much of a problem as I could play without linking. However, when I reached a certain level I was going to have to buy cement to successfully complete the castle. Not exactly a free game if you have to buy power up items, and I didn't have an option to watch ads to earn them like some others have said (probably because I didn't link to my Facebook, and wouldn't have anyway). Good time waster if you don't mind being nickeled and dimed to play a "free" game. Ultimately I uninstalled this game.

Shayan P · 5/12/2014
very interesting

its a good brain game

rachel · 5/2/2014
The Levels when crossing the bridge

This game is fun BUT I don't like having to wait 24 hours to play a level again if I fail it.

Dee · 4/15/2014
Could be better

The game is fun, but seriously, you guys couldn't find a better way to monetize without charging to continue playing after losing 5 times? Who thought that was a good idea?

Thys · 4/10/2014
Lack of boosts and Ads hamper this free version

A fun take on Tetris and generally a fun game but it becomes almost impossible without the right boosts which can only be bought or 'earned' via sharing the game. Credit also take a long time to gather if you don't buy them. Some people will be frustrated enough to buy a subscription or boosts. The difficulty suddenly becomes much harder at L23. Sometimes blocks don't respond properly either. If the game isn't improved to encourage 'fair' play then uninstall is its future. Asus T100

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