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Sire, we have good news! ● MORE CONTENT! Buildings now upgrade up to level 30. ● LESS COSTS! We lowered item prices.

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Paul · 7/30/2015

Highly entertaining!!

paul · 6/2/2015

Enjoying it. Battery pig.

Eric · 6/12/2015

It could show the fights between the armys

Matt · 3/26/2015

Game was great but last three days I haven't been able to do anything...i just get the load screen whenever I try to build or recruit... Can I get some help

User · 11/22/2014

Good try but till boring. :/ And im not saying that wasnt easy to understand.

Eric · 5/31/2015

The game could use some better battle and overall statistical points change but still keeps me playing

amith · 7/16/2015

Nice game and I love it but there is no additional features in it but they add only additional servers for the game..i hope that in the next update they give something unique in the features..

User · 4/5/2015

Fun Ik already addicted

Bobby · 6/3/2015

This game is well rounded and doesn't feel like a pay to win I give it five stars:)

Francesco · 6/11/2015

Great game to play while passing the time and extremely good customer service.