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Matt · 8/11/2013

Pointless. Uninstalling.

User · 6/23/2013

Never ending level with no rewards. No strategy to the game.

Glenn · 6/11/2013

Pretty, but kinda boring. Really no strategy to it, since you can't split your forces or direct them in any decent fashion. The upgrades serve an unclear purpose.

Tisha · 5/27/2013

No in instructions have no idea what to do or if doing it right.

Joshua · 5/16/2013

Meh. 1 level and its easy.

Bret · 5/15/2013

It's like banging your head onto a table over and over.

Jacob · 5/31/2015

Fun, relaxing, beautifully simple

Trey · 6/29/2015

Excellent in that it does all that it was made to beautifully and free of errors. Good to kill some time, and certainly repayable. Although, with only one map, once you've mastered it, all you can really do is bump your score higher.

Michael · 4/8/2015

Excellent little game! Simple, fast and addictive!

Alex · 4/1/2015

It's so simple yet sooooo amazing and addicting!! Multiplayer mode, more teams to play against at once and more upgrades would be awesome too! Maybe more ships to control at once as well?? :D


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