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Bill · 7/15/2015

Decent game... Very addictive. Your mech will die a lot. After defeating the game then reinstalling will not allow entering my alias.

guo hao · 9/7/2014


Skip · 6/25/2014

Won't play on Nokia 521

User · 5/3/2014

Repetitive after so long but great games

Derick · 8/2/2013

The controls are not working, I can't take 2 steps without the game "losing" my fingers.

User · 1/20/2013

Great game, but in the recent updates using both the move stick and shoot stick together for more than like 5 seconds makes the game shut down and glitch.

Dave · 1/5/2013

Game play is lacking because of the difficulty with the shooting/aiming controls. Looks ok.

The Korpcake · 1/15/2012

Good game but it's buggy. Sometimes turning will cause your mech to stop moving. You can get cought up my flat walls. And I went to close to the edge of a ramp and the game froze. Now it force closes everytime I try to open my save file.

exglade · 1/13/2012

The storytelling is poor. The graphics are unattractive. The music is terrible. The physics are poor, enemy can walk through wall, shoot through wall and you can get stuck by the wall. It's a good try but it's a poor game. The ad is obstruct a great amount of the view, it's unacceptable in a top-down shooter game. I spent my time finishing it. It's a flat uninteresting game.

Jacob · 3/26/2015

Great overall game, very addictive.


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