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bradleyroach · 5/7/2011

Not bad. Kinda fun.

montezumwarrior · 5/1/2011


iI2ock · 4/6/2011

Nicely made game but not much fun. Need more chances or lives.

HuntersWrath · 3/14/2011

Not that great. Would flick left car goes right. Kind of boreing.

Ángel · 12/18/2012

Entertaining and easy to use.

Player077939112 · 5/22/2011

Really. How is this game so addictive?!? Its stupid. Ya swipe cars to make them change lanes and speed up. There is no way on earth this game should have sucked up the last 6 hours of my life. But it did. So I guess its just hidden awesomeness. Maybe this game is a ninja...?

martok999 · 5/7/2011

It is ok. Fun and quick concept. However, the controls do not feel quick or precise enough when face with tricky situations.

Aelgyn · 4/16/2011

Very original gameplay. Fast and fun. Cars come into an intersection and you have to prevent a crash for as long as you can by adjusting their speed and movement. Issue: loses local high score.

w1zar6 · 4/10/2011

Very fun game. Doesn't always register the turbo chain combos. Also, the police siren won't go away if their car crashes into a tank.

Captain Dynamic · 4/8/2011

Really addictive. Would have gladly paid a couple bucks for it!


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