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Jeffrey · 8/16/2015

Great way to challenge the special skills

User · 8/16/2014

This game sucks

User · 8/6/2014

Would be cool if the computer would give you the same moves it pulls on you. I've copied his exact moves but he doesn't allow me to have the larger triangle.

Ken · 9/3/2013


Aries · 8/9/2013


Sam · 7/30/2013

Its a great idea to bring back an old game, but even the easiest AI is ridiculously hard to beat, and I am uninstalling :/

Aldin · 7/26/2013

Pretty lame game. Like tic tac toe but full retard

Keran · 7/22/2013

The beginners level is really hard and there's not even a tutorial and no one likes reading

Jeff · 12/12/2012

Game cheats. Rules not applied fairly between player and computer. Avoid this!!

Elizabeth · 5/20/2015

This is an excellent brain game. Mind you, it's difficult and has a steep learning curve, but the gameplay itself is simple enough for a child old enough to understand what a triangle is.



  • Connect dots with lines and make triangles, trying to cover more area than your opponent.
  • Test your skills against the computer or challenge a friend.
  • Choose from a variety of skill levels and grid sizes.
  • Track your performance over time and post your grade to online leaderboards.
  • Leave the game unfinished and come back later to complete it.
  • Computer cheats? Use the playback feature to see what actually happened.
  • Reset stats, enable hints, set time limits, specify which player goes first, etc.

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