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Brandon · 7/9/2015

One of the best racing games in the windows store! One bad thing is the amount of work/time /races you have to do to earn money. I spent all mines early in the game. Wad a pain into earn enough back to upgrade parts just to finish the races.

Anita · 8/19/2015

I love this game😃.But I don't understand why it goes off and you loose your points.

Mary · 7/31/2015

Ripoff. Not very impressive. It's extremely tricky to figure out how to control the snail and not worth the money at all.

User · 6/29/2015

Great fun for my 5year old until I updated it. Now it wont open

Lucas · 8/14/2015

Love the game, but lost my save. Fix it please, went mad

Christina · 6/6/2015

It's a fun game, but just as I get a good racer and start winning things, it crashes and deletes all my data, making me start all over. It's getting really annoying.

Jack · 4/15/2015

This is a great game... Until it crashes and resets my progress. Which irritates me to no end. I invest a lot of time into this game as it is addictive and entertaining, which is why I'll give it 3 stars. But after it crashes lose all of my progress, and I had almost beaten the game. I was at Class 4, I had one graduation cup to go, full tuneups, and I had saved up 205000 so I could buy all of the best part upgrades, and I was doing a race, and it crashed, I go back in, and it's like I just downloaded it. The other thing that irked me is that I lost my online name. Anyways, after playing for several combined hours, for nothing, I'll walk away from thus game for now, but I'll probably give it a 4th chance before too awfully long. 😐

User · 6/11/2015

One of the best turbo games I've found 😄 takes a long time to upgrade later though 😒 still pretty good.

Jayden Titte · 5/14/2015

I Love This Game. It's awesome! But the only thong I hate about it is it always deletes my accounts almost every time. You know what you can try to keep playing, but forget it. It's always going to start over and delete your record, find a different good game like Turbo because forget it, it's never goanna work! Shut this down until you can fix because I am waiting forever to play it again!

Andria · 8/2/2015

It's a really fun game IF U CAN GET IT TO LOAD...


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Version 2.3.2 Bug fixes and performance improvements. Version 2.3.1 Bug fixes and performance improvements. Version 2.3.0 All new Challenge mode! • Go head to head against your friends to win delicious tomatoes! • Get special premium racers Turbo and the rest of the Fast Action Stunt Team! • Race in four new and exciting tracks that will test your skill! • Improved Facebook integration. • Bug fixes.