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User · 2/15/2013

Need to allow for more control over rotation. Boring.

Daryle · 1/24/2013

Cute but that's about all I can say for it

Neil · 12/28/2012

Sluggish controls, and annoyingly begs for a rating.

Jason · 12/26/2012

Too easy

Jesse · 11/27/2012

Crashes on first level as soon as you start playing. Worthless garbage

Shawn · 11/26/2012

Game crashes on level select screen. HTC 8X. Game should have already had WP8 support before hitting the marketplace.

Daniel · 11/23/2012

Crashes at level select on 920.

Ashley · 11/22/2012

It looks good and is fun, when it isn't crashing or freezing. It takes forever to load and it won't run in the background if you get a text, so you have to wait for it to load again if you leave the screen.

Joe · 11/21/2012

I was very excited about this game, cool premise and looks fun and retro but it won't play. It starts to load and it crashes. I had a focus and now I have a focus 2 and I've never had this happen with any game before. Well other than gun bros but everyone had that happen. I would really like to play it and give it a proper review but unfortunately I can't.

Anthony · 11/21/2012



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