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Micke · 4/17/2014
Fun to Practice With. Extremely Flawed.

I'm not completely sure whether or not the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization errors are on purpose. It absolutely bothered me as a typist and proof-reader to copy exactly the way that I see the supplied sentences without trying to correct the abundance of mistakes. That sometimes makes it a challenge for me. As mention in the title, it is fun to type the supplied text for your own typing practice and pleasure, but when you're finished typing, the WPM calculation is extremely flawed. I'm not as speedy as many other typists I know of, but I am pretty consistent at around 85-90 WPM. According to this game, I can't type any faster than 30WPM, but usually it pits me around 20 WPM. The first time I accomplished the goal with 100% accuracy, it rated me at 15 WPM. Oh well. I guess I better go back to school. But seriously, other than the teeth grinding errors, the game can still be fun for practice. I'd recommend another program.

Amber · 3/31/2015
Does not work.

I opened the start test and had to figure out how it works on my own. Then when I started what I thought was the test I clicked stop on the timer and the entire app stopped and closed. No thanks. This is 2015. Do offer and app that isn't even going to do what you say it does.

Bruce · 4/4/2015
Crashed after clicking stop timer.

Crashed after clicking stop timer.

Ekansh · 2/4/2013
Good app

Well the app is cool on a beginner level . I would still hope for a better GUI in future updates of the app

Sage · 5/19/2013

As soon as you finish typing text and click on stop to see your results the information comes up for a split second and disappears. It doesn't give a chance to see it. And I mean you can't see it at all it disappears so fast! Immediately!! I tried several times and it did the same thing. It is absolutely useless. This would have been very beneficial and was looking forward to it but I guess I will have to forget about it. I'm sure no one cares enough to fix it either. What a drag!

Sara · 6/4/2014
Sara Sarathy

Its Better know



  • Accurate results of typing speed with words errors
  • More user friendly interface and design to calculate your typing speed.
  • Different strings for your typing skills.

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