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Gregory · 9/16/2014


User · 9/10/2013

Never got passed those creepy skeletons with a saw!!......ughghhh :-P

User · 6/12/2013

First boss is impossible to beat, reaction/delay time is messed up, i love my hacking n slashing just as much as the next guy, but if the first boss is impossible, then its just outrageous!

wyatt · 11/17/2012

Good graphics. Zombies are... Trendy. Pretty gay when you get caught in between two zombies and you can't fight back at all.

DeboDaOverlord · 10/1/2012

Its fun for a bit

GrinningMold8 · 9/28/2012

Too difficult I read the hints over a thousand times and only combos it gives is the knock in air and kick both equally worthless on boss

Julian · 1/10/2015

Hint- Police boss is the hardest and nearly impossible to kill. Tip- don't use your latest weapon to kill police boss, use the scythe, and use X button, make sure to dodge. If you are having trouble with the scythe, use the chainsaw, just keep your distance and know when to dodge :)

User · 1/19/2014

This is a great game. It's a little short but it's awesome. One problem I can't get the guitar.

Sky · 10/19/2013

Killer game, where can I find more like it?

User · 9/3/2013

Alot of potential, but a bit unresponsive at times. Also, jumping is awkward. The jump button in most games is under the attack buttons; try that.


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