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Christen · 8/27/2015

Great time killer and the suspense is awesome!

suzanne · 8/27/2015
much more fun

after I played the new games I enjoyed them so much more challenges more fun

Larry · 8/24/2015

love this game very challenging

Steve · 8/20/2015
Addictive and Annoying at the same time

Update 8/20/2015: Does not run in Windows 10. It is addictive and fun, because of the unique style of tournament rounds. You don't need to spend money for credits, if you can resist the urge while waiting 45 minutes for the free-credit timer to expire. It is annoying because of several bugs in the program: frequent disconnects from the server abort a game in progress (which refund your credits), not-so-frequent crashes of the app between rounds of play (credits are lost), and mouse-unfriendly design of selecting which tournament to play.

Isabella · 8/26/2015
Good Game

Uno is a classic and very addicting! The only problems I have with this app are that it gets glitchy now and then and the fact that your tokens or power do not regenerate over time, like that of most games, but rather by picking a card with 2-4 on it, and getting whatever you drew for power. So once you run out of power you can either keep checking in and hoping it is time to scratch the power cards again or pay for more.

ron · 8/23/2015

Love Uno, like the different tournaments and styles however the server kicks you off constantly and it is frustrating, especially when you have purchased coins to play.

Cat · 8/19/2015
Great game!

Addictive game but it crashes at times and you lose coins

Melanie · 8/19/2015
always crashing

I really LOVE this version of UNO. My only problem with this game is the fact that it is always crashing, and, at the most inconvenient times! Like, when I am right in the middle of a tournament or just in the midst of a really good game. It will either boot me off completely or boot me out of a current game saying our servers are offline. At least when its the latter you get your coins back but when its not you're just out of a turn with your coins gone! Omgosh please fix this then I can give a five star rating. Sincerely, Gamergirl.

kaleb · 8/13/2015
Small Errors, Fun Game.

This game is fun for small time play and to just lay back and relax with. I do however encounter some crashes and other small bugs but otherwise I have a really fun time playing this game.

Reviewer 9552 · 8/12/2015
Very money orientated

For somebody who just wants to play uno to pass the time this game is not for you. It has a limited amount of times you can play and it's hard to get more of the "coins" you spend to play a game. In order to get much of anywhere in this game you have to spend money. Cheats are enabled and I disagree with that. Spending money shouldn't enable you to use cheats in a game. Besides that it is very choppy, lagging and more often than not you are kicked out of a game due to losing connection with the server. Very frustrating... Besides this the game has good graphics, has pleasing game play and if they would make it easier to get the coins to play games it would be MUCH more enjoyable.



  • Easy to learn, difficult to put down!
  • Create games and invite your friends to play!
  • Challenge millions of UNO fans worldwide!
  • Utilize Boosts & Super Boosts to diversify your strategy!
  • See how your card skills rank on the leaderboards!
  • Compete in weekly contests to win rewards!
  • Customize your UNO game with backgrounds, card deck designs & special effects!
  • Play online multiplayer matches over 3G or Wi-Fi!

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Play our NEW MODE… if you dare! √ Enjoy a new twist with a NEW MODE: UNO Dare! Available for a limited time only! Skip drawing cards whenever a Draw 2 card is played -- but only if you accept the Dare! √ Collect wacky NEW AVATARS in UNO Dare to receive special bonuses whenever you have them equipped, in any mode! √ Get the chance to multiply your rewards or WIN EXCLUSIVE REWARDS by spinning the UNO Dare wheel at the end of each UNO Dare game!

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