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Antonio · 8/25/2015

Reminds me of the good times

Nathan · 8/18/2015

It's fun. It's UNO. Just don't be upset when you lose all of your progress at Level 65 (happened to me). Make everyone your friend, you'll get more coins flowing in every day that way. I'd give it 5 stars except for being sent back to Level 1 for no reason and major connection issues with a solid net speed on a semi weekly basis. UPDATE: Got reset to Level 1 from Level 90 this time. There is NO support for this game. You can't even file a complaint, just hit an agree button on common issues. It's pathetic. Gameloft should be shamed for the way they treat paying customers but they dont give a flying you know what.

carol · 8/15/2015

Challenging game

Melini and Cory · 8/9/2015

Uno is addicting and fun to play and pass time.

User · 8/11/2015

Enjoyable game when wanting to occupy your time

Antiwan · 8/19/2015

Love everything bout it except the coins give me different options on getting them except posting on facebook like watch a add or rate something........

Josh · 8/12/2015

I don't like the tokens required to play. I would play more. Also when i launch the app, it drains my battery over half a day. But I love playing Uno!

daisy · 7/28/2015

This is a fun and addictive game. The only problem I have is that on my phone it freezes and kicks me out of games, which obviously is extremely frustrating especially when I'm in the middle of a long game or a tournament. Other than that it's a great game!

Chuck · 7/25/2015

It's a battery-killer, can't stop playing.

RAY · 8/10/2015

Fun game.. Wish they'd put in an option for Uno where it may give you no card's on a draw or ten on a draw


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Play our NEW MODE… if you dare! √ Enjoy a new twist with a NEW MODE: UNO Dare! Available for a limited time only! Skip drawing cards whenever a Draw 2 card is played -- but only if you accept the Dare! √ Collect wacky NEW AVATARS in UNO Dare to receive special bonuses whenever you have them equipped, in any mode! √ Get the chance to multiply your rewards or WIN EXCLUSIVE REWARDS by spinning the UNO Dare wheel at the end of each UNO Dare game!