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User · 5/21/2014

Not a huge fan of mobile games for the most part, but I do like Vala. The core gameplay is strong if a bit repetitive, and it plays smoothly on my phone. I would like to see a little weapon variety though.

Ashhar · 4/20/2014

Good game but gets a bits if you play it a lot. Also would be more enjoyable if we could have kind of a game like a campaign mode with a still to survive maybe 1000 llamas.

Sarah · 3/8/2014

Weird but for some reason enjoyable.

achike · 2/24/2014

Addictive 👍

User · 2/24/2014

Great game! You should think of adding a campaign! That'll make it way more fun

Josh · 2/11/2014

Fantastic game! A little rough around the edges, but its brand new and very ambitious. runs on 512mb phones and looks great. Finally, I can take out all my righteous fury on the spawn of Satan, LLAMAS.

User · 2/11/2014

Such a fun and addicting game.

GRANT · 2/10/2014

Decent starting point, but flawed. The leveling system is buggy, stage 1 upgrades stay put but level 2 resets after every death. Selection gets stuck in individual categories. Instructions aren't particularly useful.

Justin · 2/9/2014

This game is dope. Makes me want starcraft on WP. Great graphics, simple & addictive gameplay!

hisyam · 10/11/2014

Stupid casual game.


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