• 52 challenging levels in 4 settings: blustery Utah, sunny Florida, snowy Alaska, steamy Nevada
  • 29 distinct mission scenarios
  • 73 types of buildings
  • 42 types of goods to transport and trade
  • 12 production chains to master
  • 98 special achievements to earn
  • 45 upgrades and buildings to unlock

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New buildings, new product chains, new challenges in this long-awaited sequel to Virtual City! - Minor bugs fixed - Minor improvements Join the G5 email list and be the first to know about sales, news and game releases! www.g5e.com/e-mail

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Reviewer 5199 · 7/21/2015
Fun and engaging

Great way to distract you for a few hours. The game is fun and engaging.

Reviewer 1281 · 6/20/2015
Not NEARLY as good as the PC game from 2011

I played this game back in 2011 on my PC and it was by far one of my FAVORITE time management games of all time (and I play a LOT of them). I had purchased it on BigFish, however BFG no longer allows this game to be re-installed and I have lost the ability to play it until now. I was very excited to see that I could play VC 2 again, however this new version is VERY clunky and missing some major functionality that made the game fun to play: 1) You can't see the trucks driving in the truck windows 2) When you hover over a house or building to upgrade, it doesn't show you the cost, it only shows you a message that you don't have enough money 3) When you go to place a building on the screen, you used to be able to see a transparent version of the building so you could line it up in the riggt spot, but now you only get and arrow and can't see the transparent building until you actually click where you want to place it. I am SOOOO DISAPPOINTED!! :-( I WANT THE OLD ONE BACK

Reviewer 9474 · 7/4/2015
it's something to do to pass the time

it's something to do to pass the time

karl · 6/13/2015
Stuck in Florida (literally and figuratively)

Have played previous editions. Although this is the same with some twists, I am now stuck in the second state (FL) I can't get past the level. Have been playing for over two hours. It was a waste of my money. You must complete the level before you can go on. The tutorial if fairly easy but it gets tricky real quick.

Reviewer 8603 · 7/8/2015

Fun! just like virtual city to give you plenty to do

Reviewer 3861 · 7/3/2015

The whole family likes this game!

karen · 2/1/2015
always read the reviws befoe buying

I wrote a review before realizing iwas only playing a trial version. now that I bought the full version I cannot open the game.

Daniel · 1/18/2015

You get to a point of the game that you cannot move forward. You pay to unlock and still nothing. Customer support has been absent, just the robot return email saying they are looking into the issue.... hogwash. Just bad all around that everyone is complaining that it won't unlock yet we keep spending money.

Gaurav · 9/19/2014
It Sucks.....

It shows white screen at first and then stays forever.....it crash before it even starts......

kevin · 4/16/2014

improved new idea be a good one I give it a 5 until I look more at it looks better then first one odd start a play and it guts you off cold turkey

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