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James · 6/23/2015

Great NES emulator, but a few minor problems. The buttons are really small and hard to push. Only other problem I have run across is the emulator has a graphical glitch while playing Mike Tyson's Punch Out, making it impossible to see the health bar... By aside from that, this is a great app.

Matthew · 7/28/2015

Does not support local files on flash drive.

Ben · 6/12/2015

User beware. Buggy as hell with multiple crashes. Save states for games become corrupted and unusable.

Nate · 1/31/2015

Great concept but the buttons are slow to respond. Can't play the games like on NES.

Matt · 2/26/2014

Seems clean and polished but fails to load the one game I cared about: Sid Meier's Pirates! Also, I don't understand the ad revenue model since this likely contains or refactors open source code. Perhaps not, but doubtful.

Jeremy · 6/18/2015

So easy to use

Desmond · 4/29/2014

Very good, although there are some issues. When using the hardware keyboard, the keybinds are a bit slow on some keys. Can this be fixed? Sound slows it down a bit. Also some downloaded games are corrupted

User · 3/30/2014

Just go get vNESLight Pro and 'try' it. You get the same thing, but then if you do decide to pay the $1 you won't have to restart on all your games! (The app rocks, but it doesn't pass game data to the Pro version if you upgrade! So there's no point in having this separate free app, the 'try' on the Pro version is unlimited and works perfectly.)

User · 12/21/2013

Great app! Very easy to load games. Just download ROM and copy URL. Just the buttons need some improvements.

Agent · 11/26/2013

Best emulator ever. Go to doperoms.com and you can get supported files / zip stuff. Copy the URL where it says tap to open, and that's the one you copy to put into the game. Once again, this is a great app, so get it.


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