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Christopher · 3/28/2013

Hard to learn. I figure something else out everytime I play. Its fun though if you don't mind continuous death.

Kannon · 1/25/2013

Feature missing- no option to use fingertips for engraving. Unless I am missing something, there is no way to do this, and this game is nearly unbeatable, at least to a novice, without quick access to Elbereth. Also, I am having trouble getting the look function to identity anything that isnt on my tile. No looking at a distance? Review- This is a WP7 version of nethack. I suggest googling it. It is an amazingly deep and challenging RPG. Ive been waiting to have a mobile version of Nethack for ages, and this was an exciting find. It works wonderfully. Even with a couple features missing, this is by far the best game available for the WP7, if you dont mind a steep learning curve. Similar Games: Rogue, Angband, Dungeons of Dredmor

Lisa · 7/6/2015

I'm loving that this is available on my smart phone. So many years spent playing this and now it's back!

Micah · 3/16/2015

No tutorial and huge learning curve, but tons of content.

craig · 1/12/2015

Worth it.

John · 4/23/2014

Thank you for putting this on Windows Phone. The tiles are very nice too.

User · 3/30/2014

Nice great game but a few problems I have but nothing that will ruin the game.

Andrew · 12/18/2013

Nethack on windows phone. Good if you want the full depth of nethack on your phone. Personally I find nethack cumbersome on the phone. Try Dungeon of Slyn for a more phone friendly roguelike.

Sami · 11/1/2013

Nice trip to the memory lane. Well done.

User · 10/10/2013

Perfect game


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