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Reviewer 6714 · 7/2/2015
Too Short

Great game, I just wish there were more levels!

Grant · 7/26/2015
Fun, but short

More pages would be nice.

Reviewer 8623 · 6/17/2015
Doesn't register finding him

I thought this was fun to start, 6th one is hard, but pretty sure after I found him and clicked on him it wouldn't recognize I had. It has a hard time registering when I click him and usually takes a few clicks anyway, but 6th didn't work at all.

Cookie · 11/11/2014

It was good and really tricky! There is a down side though. It only has 10 levels. No more, no less.

james · 10/21/2014
to easy

I love this game I have since I was a kid. it's a fun addictive game but I wish they had more levels and make it a bit more challenging. the hardest one here was the dinosaur one waldo was so small and hard to find but I finally did.

Jacky · 9/5/2014
Fun and challenging

I only wish there were more than 10 screens! For those of you that say nothing happens when you click on Waldo...if you click on a person that you think is Waldo and the game does nothing, it's because it was not Waldo! Some of the characters look a lot like him but it ends up not being him. That happened to me a few times. Once you tap the actual Waldo you'll receive a congrats for finding him and then move you on to the next screen.

Mark · 9/3/2014
Good, but could be better.

This is a fun reminder of the Where's Waldo? From childhood. Wonderful images of busy and chaotic worlds where you are frantically searching for that friendly and familiar face. The down side is that many of the images are a little "rough" and could be better quality. And while it gives you a nice confirmation that you found Waldo, it would be nice if it also had optional prompts for the other characters and bonus items. Maybe running through a list asking you to find each.

Aaron · 8/18/2014
Prepare of eyestrain

This app will kill a few minutes and it is child friendly, but the resolution isn't great. There are a few images that started to give me a headache searching for the solution. The dinosaur one in particular is virtually impossible to solve without looking online for the solution. (He's in the upper right quadrant riding on a dinosaur back and all you can see is his head which is microscopic). There are several puzzles where you can find multiple people that would qualify as "Waldo". I thought I was stuck on the train level for a while since the Waldo I was clicking on wouldn't progress the game. Then I looked for and found a second Waldo. If this app cost any money at all I would be terribly disappointed. But I found a couple of the puzzles amusing to look at with my 5 year old son on my lap.

Delanie · 7/3/2014
Fun but it is touchy

It is really fun to play and find but I wish they would make him bigger on the dinosaur level I looked it up to find him. It is really touchy what I mean is that u have to touch him on the to pass the levels.

Jennifer · 5/18/2014
Doesn't work

Just like most reviews on here, it doesn't work. You find Waldo and click on him and nothing happens. If you click on the random parts of the scene it says you found him and you can move on. Disappointing as I REALLY wanted to play this.

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