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Laureen · 7/3/2015

I have to try to open it a couple dozen times before it fully launches and opens. Considering erasing the app

Brian · 12/5/2014

Crashed consistently and constantly. Horrible control as the letters you picked would warp off when you touched the screen. When it worked it was okay, however you couldn't see the points added on the board like the actual official app has. Overall I would go with the official app how that they have finally pit it on the windows phone...

Douglas · 5/30/2014

After all the comments from the makers, and finally getting this app, its clear that this is an afterthought for them. It is nowhere near as fast, smooth, or stable as the iOS version. This will crash and freeze several times a week and its just plain slow when loading up and refreshing itself. And I love it when it just logs me out randomly after I close it and then gives me problems when I log back in. At&t Lumia 1020, latest firmware.

michael · 4/23/2014

Crashtastic. If you're lucky enough to have actually found this free version, feel better. Many people have paid for this, and it's exactly the same. Login: crash, start: crash, play a word: crash. Zynga, you are disappoint.

Steven · 2/28/2014

Great game but slow on WP8. Have played on all major platforms and it is slowest on WP. Input is blocked while "updating" frequently. Never noticed that behavior on other OS versions. This also is the only app that has ever locked up my phone. Happens often enough to be a big nuisance and when it does lock it loses all of the settings after I reboot the phone.

Jesse · 11/13/2013

Fun game but sluggish app and tends to not be in sync with push notifications and occasionally crashes my phone.

Melisa · 10/30/2013

Game freezes all the time and lags... Uninstalling after waiting for improvements and not seeing any... I have a better cross platform word game that never gives me issues!

Joshua · 10/15/2013

I've had to uninstall and reinstall this twice due to it stopping functioning. It occasionally freezes my phone. No stat keeping really takes away from this.

Matthew · 10/11/2013

Zynga does not update or fix known glitches with this program. Sometimes it won't load until you soft reset your phone. If you reinstall it, you can't log back into the program unless you go to Facebook and remove the app from your page. It also doesn't offer the upgrades you can purchase on iOS or Android. It works nominally, which is why I have it, but it needs serious updating and debugging.

Matt · 10/3/2013

Fun game, but it locks up often. Fix that and I have no choice but to give it 5 stars.


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