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dan · 8/28/2015
It was good until app started crashing

I recently updated to Windows 10 and the game worked great before that. Now the app shuts down at the beginning of the battle screen. I'm not sure if this is because of Win10 or a recent update from the developer. Hopefully this gets fixed soon as it was fun/addictive/time consuming.

Jeanine · 8/28/2015
A Great Battle Game!!!

I do enjoy playing this game. It's very addicting I may add. Buying land and designing it is one of my favorite parts. I like having many options while still playing the game. If you don't want to go in battle you can do questing or something.

Michael · 8/26/2015
World at Arms

excellent game. Keep you interested and coming back for more fun. A challenge on many levels to keep you planning and enjoying the implementation of your plans. This game keeps your interest and keeps you coming back day after day Ÿ

Reviewer 5163 · 8/30/2015
World at arms

Warning! This game may be addictive.

Reviewer 7313 · 8/29/2015

Like World at Arms. Can NOT contact developer using pc FRUSTRATING!!! Yet game can be very enjoyable. Very detailed game, I am in sixties. Updates without notice, game DOWN, I dislike this!!!

Reviewer 3008 · 8/22/2015
Great Game!!!

So fun. Everything is easy and enjoyable.

Andrew · 8/22/2015
Was good, developers can't support it

Its a pretty good farming game. There is a lot to do in the beginning for your first ~40 levels or so. You can always battle somebody. I wish there were more later level missions, but faction wars and the new conquest mode make up for that. The new Conquest mode is quite demanding for a faction to succeed, with almost hourly activity needed from each member over the span of 2 days. Update: August 22, 2015 Since the release of Windows 10, and the games subsequent update, the game has become unplayable for many. Due to problems such as non-loading games, games that 'synchronize' after you play for hours and does not save your progress, new incompatibility issues with some phones, etc..., many players have quit the game. The game stopped tracking contribution, team effort fell, moral also fell, people could not play, it is bad. My faction hasn't been able to participate in the last 3 Global Conquest! That's a lot of potential glory going down the drain. Customer service is even WORSE!

Reviewer 1517 · 8/19/2015
Great variety

Great game, wide variety of play.

Dave · 8/18/2015
battle ground

great game little costly to get tools to fight with is having software glitches they have upgraded graphics they should let u buy subs with coins though just reached lvl 36 game freezes more after last update. had to demote by one star because it still issues loading. GS too slow to correct problems

Leonel · 8/17/2015
not working

game is nice very addictive but more than anything VERY EXPENSIVE. Could also be at times boring because all constructions and upgrades take days to complete. All and all be careful with your wallet. now is nor even able to play, no connection to server and no help from developer



  • A war simulation game with brilliant graphics, stunning animations, and realistic units & buildings.
  • Collect resources, build, upgrade and fuse units, construct facilities and get numerous achievements.
  • Engage in innovative battles across the globe, on various terrains: desert, urban, underwater & more.
  • Immerse yourself in the only modern-war strategy game that offers deep-sea exploration and battles!
  • Construct the new super unit, Atlas, and use it as a game-changer in battle!
  • Join Factions with other players or form your own to wage war, dominate, and win great rewards!

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Version notes

NEW FEATURES -Discover a whole new interface! -New points of interest to expand to on the Mainland for new players. -New players will enjoy clearer, more in-depth tutorials. -Spec Ops mode now gives Gold Stars each time you win a battle. TWEAKS AND IMPROVEMENTS -Adjusted the experience needed for leveling up. -New anti-hacking measures. -New account linking system. -VK and GL LIVE are no longer supported. -Donation Refund upgrade has been reworked to prevent abuse. -Various bug fixes.

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