• A war simulation game with brilliant graphics, stunning animations, and realistic units & buildings.
  • Collect resources, build, upgrade and fuse units, construct facilities and get numerous achievements.
  • Engage in innovative battles across the globe, on various terrains: desert, urban, underwater & more.
  • Immerse yourself in the only modern-war strategy game that offers deep-sea exploration and battles!
  • Construct the new super unit, Atlas, and use it as a game-changer in battle!
  • Join Factions with other players or form your own to wage war, dominate, and win great rewards!

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NEW FEATURES -Discover a whole new interface! -New points of interest to expand to on the Mainland for new players. -New players will enjoy clearer, more in-depth tutorials. -Spec Ops mode now gives Gold Stars each time you win a battle. TWEAKS AND IMPROVEMENTS -Adjusted the experience needed for leveling up. -New anti-hacking measures. -New account linking system. -VK and GL LIVE are no longer supported. -Donation Refund upgrade has been reworked to prevent abuse. -Various bug fixes.

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Le Shaun Jordan · 8/3/2015
Fix the bugs please

Since the update the game has been good but the bugs are just annoying. Please fix them and make the game enjoyable again.

kevin · 8/2/2015
Sucks now

Was a great game prior to the windows 10 update. Now It takes ages to boot up and will just randomly force close on itself. On top of all that that game with sometimes refresh and wipe any progress I've done. Please fix

WM1 · 8/2/2015

don't like people using the game for dating services and do not want to play the game the way it was intended for the game says you base is under protection but players can still invade you buy pay for the weeks protection but your not protected a rip off sex and negative talks go on all the time ask for allies can not get them when ask for them you have to keep asking over and over for them there is a lot of hacking goimg om in this game you also can not revenge player no face can not revenge them like your suppose to they can attact you and keep taking from you but u can not revenge them was unfairly removed from game did not do anything wrong and cannot contact world of arms Gameloft about matter ! !

Reviewer 3896 · 8/1/2015
Do not like the updates

Since upgrade lots of issues... 1. Unable to zoom out to see majority of base...very tedious to keep track of all buildings and units being developed. 2. Anything to do with Factions has serious issues...wars, communication and especially donating whether its units, hearts, coin etc. Have lost 2 units that I donated even though game said donation was unsuccessful 3. Unable to turn off "training mode", been playing for 6 months...know how to conduct a battle 4. in-game "synchronization" causes more issues with Factions, after most recent one my faction wall disappeared. 5. have factions members disappearing from Faction wall that have been around since the start...no notification of leaving or anything in the Faction notes 6. doing a major upgrade at the same time as the start of a gc not ideal as many other players are having same difficulties. 7. overall the upgrade has been a setback to original version

Reviewer 4367 · 7/31/2015
Cool game

I enjoy this game. I hit it everyday. Challenging. Girlfriend thinks I spend too much time. Oh well

Reviewer 2557 · 7/31/2015
Has it all oly cause it has a little of everything

You have to get addicted to the reloads and up dates and without the battles with bonuses which simply hooks you even more. the daily rewards the chances to build friendships the type that last over time , but yes it still has bugs more in the underwater world jumping you too quick with lack of direction with some bonus not reachable, otherwise 5 for 5 waiting to see what more they can do mike

B. · 8/1/2015
Pretty good game

The game is ok. Its a social game. But its one of those aggravating games that start you with lots of free stuff, and then count on the human emotional need of having the best and having what you want when you want it. So in order to satisfy those needs you become willing to shell out quite a bit of real cash for a small amount of virtual toys. Any game that has a $99 option for virtual (in this case medals) stuff to reduce build times or buy stuff that would otherwise take you years to obtain scares the game right out of me.

Bruce · 8/3/2015
Up dates

The message board is in the way. Should be on another screen. The Other links shoul be made smaller so that you are able to have a larger viewing area and out of the way.

Reviewer 3632 · 8/3/2015
Not always loading stops at 35%

addicting good game. if you have to reload for some reason, as I had too, you lose everything and start over from the beginning not where you were. No interface between platforms.

Shellie · 8/3/2015
Can't play now

I love this game, I play daily, it is awesome. WHEN IT WORKS. The new upgrades are horrible. I dont like the screen being so close. I hate losing coin and troops donated. And really hate not receiving the items I fought so hard to win. Then we have a Windows 10 upgrade, and my game stopped all together. Now I cant load it past 35%. Even my phone, which is still Win8.1 wont load the game. PLS FIX IT! I MISS PLAYING!

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