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AJ · 8/23/2015
I love the game!

it is an awesome game, but I allways had that nag that you could not skip the other players turns... :-(

Brandt · 1/30/2015
World Conqueror 2

So, I enjoy strategy games. But this game would be fun if you didn't have to purchase medals. Otherwise the missions are way to hard and the objectives are so botched you really don't know where to begin.

Immortal Phoenix · 4/8/2014
Very Good Game.

I have spent only $19.99 on the medals because I wanted to get as much power as I can. I tried to get as many medals. I have realized that the only musts in the game are the fleet, att and def medals. I do not get why there are different lvls for them. I love games like these and I have become addicted to them. If you want to get medals through hard work, that would be a very good challenge. If you want an easy game, buy medals. I plan on getting just the fleet, att and def medals only. Everything else, I will work for in the game. :) I could not beat the African or the North American scenarios at all. :( On the mobile, the sound goes off after a while when you reset the game or when you quit the game and restart the saved game. I play the game on my comp and mobile. Both are totally separate from each other. If you play on the mobile and you want to play on the comp, you would have to start all over. They are not connected, which in a way is a good thing, in case you use real money.

dat · 2/10/2014
very good

I finished all 4 level but not used to money.This is a game very great...

John · 12/31/2013
Great game

This game although hard at first is very good at giving you a multitude of problem solving capabilities. I even like this more than axis and allies. If you are having trouble Wikipedia is always a good cheat. keep your mind open in this game. Your strategy might not work at first so try a different one. I'm glad that in this game you can not spam a unit type so don't try. Just keep trying in this game. if at first you don't succeed try YouTube and Wikipedia.

Jamison · 12/26/2013
can do better

This game could be good, but it keeps resetting and starting you all over. Any progress you made is therefore wasted. They are slow to respond when you try to talk to their support staff as well. I have not been able to find anything regarding how to properly save and load a game as well.

President · 3/25/2015
5 stars

This game is so fun one of the most fun games I've ever played.

Reviewer 5933 · 4/23/2015

play games

Kevin · 3/8/2015
Could be more fun

The computer obviously cheats so bad that it takes the fun out of it. I understand that there is a VERY slow building of strength but, say, when the British are your enemy they kick your tail but when they are your ally they get crushed!

Matthew · 7/18/2014
Needs Work

Upgrades are too expensive and the English isn't the best.



  • Top 20 greatest generals join the campaigns
  • 57 military units available
  • 28 tactical instructions
  • 34 historical campaigns
  • 37 countries and over 2000 regions involved in the war
  • Map zooming
  • Auto-save
  • Up to 16 rank levels and 18 Medals of Honor

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