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M · 7/16/2015

It is a great app especially when you want to tyoe something specific, because it does take longer with the standard keyboard on the screen. The only issue is that the app crashes several times.

Veronica · 7/16/2015

Love it its great if u don't wanted to use ur remote control n its easy to use.😊

Craig · 7/3/2015

This app is awesome on my 635, I love not having to use my controller when I don't have to. Easy for Netflix and writing ur friends back.

J. · 6/29/2015

Allow people to choose the account to sign in to. Such a critical fail of an app. And now it doesn't even work. The treatment of Windows 8.1 mobile has made up my mind for me. I'm upgrading to Android very soon. Windows Mobile is garbage.

Tavian · 7/25/2015

Helps with music, messaging, and control

Garret · 4/26/2015

Pretty convenient app, I'd say, if the keyboard would actually work. I can still use my windows phone to connect to and navigate my Xbox 360 console, but I was mainly looking forward to using the keyboard option so that I would be able to browse/type alot easier. Please fix for a better rating!!

D C · 6/27/2015

Doesnt use Bluetooth Won't turn on your system You have to "sign in" to use it Tons of connection errors. ... Patch please... and its use with a dvd is limited...

Shikiro · 5/16/2015

Doesn't give me any options on which email account I want to sign in to. Especially since I use different emails for Xbox and my phone.

Evelyn · 4/7/2015

Works great. Kind of annoying how long it takes to connect and how everytime my phone locks it disconnects and I can't automatically reconnect when I switch apps, but otherwise it's fantastic. No reason to buy a keyboard for your Xbox anymore. (: Edit: YouTube app on 360 has updated, and the keyboard is no longer compatible with the new app. Really, really annoying.

Eddie · 6/21/2015

I use this app to monitor my messages and achievements while I'm streaming. I also use it to remote control my Xbox 360.