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Robert · 2/27/2013


Austin · 7/15/2015

Horrible app. Wish I could get my money back. Very disappointed. Virtually no game play exists.

Jonathon · 7/25/2014

The game its self is exactly what you'd expect. There's a campaign where you play against ai but its not difficult. Achievements - very easy completion however the win-200 games ones are a horrible grind. They make you hate the game.

Rahni · 10/26/2013

Nice interface but all trial does is nag nag nag u to buy, most all features disabled till u do. So I have no idea what it's like to play others or rest of time.. Not going to ' roll the dice' and pay a ridiculous 3$ just to see. EA games are way way overpriced and playing against bots is lame

Kerry · 10/20/2013

Garbage. The game gives the AI everything it needs to win. Sometimes it copies EXACTLY the dice you got. Pathetic programming.

User · 9/5/2013

Very good for the official Yahtzee app. Classic mode plays just like the real game (as it should), and the alternative game modes, extra features, and campaign add enough variation to the game to keep it interesting. The sound, music, and especially the menu animations are all really nice. For some the price for the game might seem a bit steep, but for those who really enjoy Yahtzee (ie, myself) this game is very worth that price.

Doug · 4/29/2013

Dice disappear bug. Makes game unplayable.

Jason · 4/18/2013

Let me start by saying the game play is great. Reducing stars due to platform constraints. I find it funny that this is a Nokia only app when plenty of my friends and family on HTC devices can't play it. Way to block yourself from making money with a good app.

Ryan · 3/2/2013

Please add an option to turn shake to roll off. It has screwed me over multiple times. Other than that, great game.

Daniel · 2/27/2013

A very polished yahtzee game, with a couple of new games to play, and the multiplayer on the same phone is nice. 4 stars because $3 is a little high for this type of game.


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