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User · 6/14/2013

It would be cool game if controls were better bcuz they will cause no one to want to play

Jayme · 10/31/2012

Still crashes made it through hardest part, then crashed. Very very angry.

Austin · 1/23/2015

Hood and smooth, but the space between and the "easiness" of getting to them is in debate. It took me many deaths to get past the first conveyor belt was unreal and I'm trying to get past checkpoint Zeus but that's a pain. Maybe it's just me or the game but I think the first few levels as I guess they can be called are a bit difficult. But good game otherwise. Oh, and I also like the fact that in the beginning it explains to you why you're the only one there with no backup or other team mates, as opposed to many other games like this.

Isaac · 2/15/2014

Great Love the chat feature Keep it up😎😆😆😆😆😆

chris · 8/28/2013

I really like this game, or should I say I really want to like this game. It really needs a map. Driving around the same areas over and over gets really old very quick. If a map was put in I'd give it five stars

Baldassano · 8/6/2012

eh, its aight

Almrls90 · 5/30/2012

Very good game. But I think I found a level design flaw. I found myself stuck in the area between Descent and Athena. I imaging double jump (or even a higher jump) is a power up we find eventually, and it seems we need it to get out, but I don't have it. Either that, or I keep missing something. I've gone through this area 5 times.

Fleon · 5/1/2012

Excellent fun here. A bit challenging, but a fun platformer with good controls and a great pace is hard to find. Nice work, indeed.

Bub The Best · 4/29/2012

Really great, but it crashes constantly.

coaustin01 · 4/29/2012

Fun game! Keep it up! Check points a little closer pretty please.