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VonJason · 3/4/2012

Screenshot : Points 8100, level46, $67000???????????? How was that possible?? I had never more than $1000 at my account!!!!

nuriddinov2011 · 5/23/2011

All is excellent... But doesn't keep the passed found it stupidy

Don Q D · 3/11/2011

This game sucks !!

MagicalChild · 7/8/2012

It's an okay game. It just gets really boring because of it's repetitiveness. Most of the challenges can be solved by using the exact same tactics all the time.

longlifexs · 2/29/2012

I regret buying this game..gets repetitive and boring quickly, very difficult and uninteresting achievements :-S

pacisback2stay · 2/15/2012

I normally rock at all tower defense games but this is hard as heck.. I can't even get through 1st challenge. This also makes the game great since it has plenty of play time.. Good game need more tower defense game for the windows phone... =]

Cubialpha · 11/23/2011

It was fun and enjoyable for awhile, but not too much to offer here. As well, your character is FAR too slow...

RxZOMBiE Powder · 11/13/2011

Very challenging game & addictive. A lot of people complain about the money not generating fast enough but that's the idea. Makes it challenging. But that's what all games should be is challenging. Have patience. Its all about strategy. Easy to learn & well worth the $. I strongly recommend this game!!!

Zefarius · 11/7/2011

Addictive at first, but gets old fast

EvilKats · 11/6/2011

So addictive, so cool.


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