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Bryan · 7/16/2015

Excellent practice for the board game!

D · 1/14/2014

I have the actual dice game also and I just don't get the great reviews. There isn't enough range in the risk to make calculating odds a worthwhile gesture since it is so heavily dominated by chance. A better design may have made it more strategic, but save your money and flip a coin. On a side note, the app version (versus the actual game where you physically roll the dice) is less tedious since you don't have the pain of blindly reaching into the can and randomly picking 3 out of 13 dice. That got old, but the app does that automatically. Also the sound effects are nice and can be used as ringtones. That moved it from 2 stars up to 3.

Wade · 3/17/2013

Braiiiins. Btw, I am pretty sure weighting is fine on the dice. In the physical game the green dice have more brain sides and the red more shotguns. Comebacks happen if you get lucky with the reds.

Michael · 3/14/2013

Free version ok. CPU players will show some Mario kart come back cheating. Have lost countless 9+ brain leads at last second. Mindless fun id you like real game. Not sure wanna pay unless I could customize more of the rules like I do in real dice version.

User · 3/12/2013

Random generator is weighted. U only win about 1 out of ten. Ai rolls 70% brains to your 20 or 30%. If it were a balanced random die roll this game would be great

Brian · 1/11/2013

It's pretty much exactly like the dice game: very simple, and a fun way to kill a few minutes at lunch hour with your friends.

Brian · 12/21/2012

Very fun and easy to learn.

Andy · 12/3/2012

Fun, easy to play. Good use of two minutes time :)

John · 10/24/2012

As much fun as the real dice game. Very well done.

Todd · 10/6/2012

Classic dice game. Great to kill a little time with friends, pass and play style.


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