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Jordan · 7/29/2015

very fun and suspenseful I always loved choose your own ending books. This takes me back to the days of Goosebumps books.

Dawn · 7/16/2015

I love it! I'm addicted.

Tisha · 7/6/2015

Very interesting & great story. Easy read & I enjoyed the fact that you can leave the game and return to your same point! Awsome!😄 I love zombies!!!

Jeanette · 7/28/2015

This is like reading a book but getting to choose what the character does. This is mostly reading. Since I'm a book lover I enjoyed it, just didn't like the way it ended. Even though I beat the game the story isn't resolved.

O · 7/2/2015

It's cool. But some pictures or a bit of animation would be nice.

jared · 7/1/2015

Man I've been playing for hours and its making my eyes hurt its so addicting

Rachel · 6/14/2015

Good time killer love it

James · 6/9/2015

I love game books, jus wish I had the option of starting over or restart from where I left off so I can redo my mistakes.

Keshawn · 7/20/2015

If I can describe this game in a few words. I would quote a football announcer when a team makes a field goal. It's good!

Gabriela · 5/24/2015

This reminds me of the choose your own adventure novels. Its a page turner! The actions you choose influence how the story will go. This is aimed towards the female tween crowd but it was still an enjoyable novel to read.