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Bill · 4/8/2013
Nice Title Screen...

Downloaded, and installed twice. Get to the title screen, game just sits there playing that whack music over and over. would have been nice to actually review the "game", but since I can't even load the game, I will give it 1 star for the title screen alone. Maybe with an update to fix this OBVIOUS BROKEN GAME, I'll be able to add a star for perhaps getting to the options screen?

Ziyun · 3/17/2013
Sick for Single player

Tons of fun when playing with my friends, and the chance you get 4/less shooting dice is fair yet fun. But when playing alone with CPU it's horrible. Whatever how I dice, I get a lot more <4 than >4, and couple times I failed more than 3 times on a single zombie. THAT IS NOT FUN! IT'S SICK!

Edward · 3/16/2013
Wasn't exactly what I had in mind..

It looks like a pretty cool game but doesn't seem to interest me much.

Reviewer 4060 · 3/6/2014
Great game, but....

Game crashed once while playing. Also could have better camera views. any way to sped up game speed?

Bill · 1/21/2014

Dig the version of the board game for my family. Only complaint is it crashes during load. Happened tons of times. I paid for the game and it didn't happen till after I bought it. lil angry over this....how do I fix this issue !!! Well still now answer on how to fix the crashing issue and it's been quite some time since I originally posted this!! Am really disappointed, my kids want to play it and they can't. Still goes to load screen then kicks out!!

Stephen M · 11/26/2013
Only 1 Bug

I love the game. It's true to the board game roots and is very fun. However, playing on a Win 8.1 laptop, the save files are always corrupt. The game cannot be properly closed/exited either. There needs to be an option to completely exit the app and not leave it constantly running in resident memory.

Matt · 11/1/2013
Just like board game

The game is just like the board game which is amazing it says that you can use your avatar (which I cant) and that there should be an expansion to the game eventually I would give a 5 star when they implement this and also the online play feature.

Christian · 10/29/2013
Greatest board game!!!

This game has great graphics and amazing visuals. Microsoft needs to build more games like this. Only complaint I have is an occasional graphics glitch with my Surface rt. Other than that this game makes the tablet worth it!!!

Robert · 10/27/2013
Cool game

I love that its pass and play. Wish it was able to import other user avatars also. I seem to have a problem with all the save games corrupting ... I hope that isn't a permanent issue. Otherwise its very fun to play.

Mike · 10/17/2013
An Average Port

Just finished my 10th and overall, it's a fun port of the game, but a bit unfair in terms of how CPU players are handled. In my last game, only one CPU ran out of hearts while another effectively cleaned the path to the heliport (6 zombies without having to use a bullet). Granted, he only made it to the middle which I'm not sure is the right rule, but the game easily gives an advantage to the CPU and punishes the player. It'd be more fun if the game was better balanced.



  • • Survive a Zombie-infested town in a race to the rescue chopper!
  • • Play as your Xbox Avatar!
  • • Re-Live the popular board game experience!
  • • All NEW Survival Horror Mode - Just you versus a town full of zombies, Can you survive?
  • • Player tokens can be male or female character
  • • Brand new high quality HD art style
  • • Play Standard Mode or find helicopter tile faster in Quickplay
  • • Contains original card art from ZOMBIES!!! Boardgame

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