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Fight, laugh, and experience the Joker in The Dark Knight and Xbox SmartGlass. Includes Batman Begins feature and The Dark Knight feature PLUS over 60 minutes of behind the scenes content available only with purchase. "Shaping Mind and Body", a unique fighting method developed for the fight sequences. "Batman- The Tumbler" identifies the conceptualization & deisgn of the new Batmobile and , "Batman: The Journey Begins" delves into the script and visual design and casting Batman himself. In "The Prologue", director Christopher Nolan and company discusses the challenges of shooting the opening sequence. "Joker Theme", in which Hans Zimmer discusses the creation of the score. "The Bat-Pod", with test footage of Batman's motorcycle. "Truck Flip", illustrates how an 18-wheeler was flipped at the climactic end of the chase sequence. "Hospital Explosion", detailing the planning and execution of one of the movie's biggest effect; and "Upping the Ante" in which the filmmakers discuss the methodology and execution they used to increase the scale of this sequel.

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