In Los Angeles, advertising executive Jason (Brian Tee) suddenly finds himself abandoned at the altar by his beautiful fiancée. His family is sent into a panic and there is good reason – there is an ancient family curse that mandates if he isn't married by age 30, which is only months away, he'll surely die. With a Shaman's (Margaret Cho) blessing and his best friend (Bobby Lee) advising him to find a bride in Korea, Jason travels to Seoul, Korea on a business trip where he meets Na Young (Kang Hye-jung), the girl of his dreams. After a video chat fueled online relationship , Jason proposes to Na Young and the two are set to marry in LA. But once the bride-to-be arrives in LA, Jason discovers that Na Young doesn't quite match how she appeared to be online. Will Jason stand up to family pressure and accept the girl of his dreams for all her shortcomings, at the risk of losing his own life?


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