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  1. Caoineadh Cu Chulainn / Morgonpolskas / Joe Bane's / Gypsy Princess
  2. Dot MacKinnon's / Tutti Flutti (Emma LeBlanc's) / Brae Reel
  3. Mazurka de Comptoir / Bigov (Scottish Smallpipes)
  4. Snug in the Blanket / Mrs. Ross’s Jig (Jigs) [Uilleann Pipes and Fiddle]
  5. The Old Bush / The Boyne Hunt (Reels) [Uilleann Pipes and Fiddle]
  6. The Dark Slender Boy (Air) [Uilleann Pipes]
  7. Sir Ulick Burke / Byrne’s March (Air and March) [Fiddle and Uilleann Pipes]
  8. An Cathair Rua / Brother Gildas’ / Gan Anam (Uilleann Pipes and Fiddle)
  9. The Man Who Died and Rose Again / Ward’s Jig (Jigs) [Flute and Fiddle]
  10. Cuckold Come Out of the Amrey (Border Pipes)
  11. Wantonness for Ever Mair (Border Pipes and Fiddle)
  12. Donald MacLellan of Rothesay / Murdo MacLeod (2/4 Marches) [Scottish Smallpipes]
  13. Ton Bale Leon Braz / The Minister Would Not Dance / The Skylark's Ascension (Breton March and Jigs) [Scottish Smallpipes]
  14. The Lass o' Killiecrankie / The Ladies of Gormand / Highland / Teelin Highland (Highlands) [Scottish Smallpipes]
  15. Donald Maclean / Juan Martino's / Bobby Cuthbertson (Reels and Hornpipes) [Scottish Smallpipes]

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