140 is a challenging minimalistic platformer with abstract colorful graphics. Rhythmic awareness is required to overcome obstacles controlled by an energetic, yet melancholic electronic soundtrack. Super tight puzzle design and a striking audiovisual presentation come together to form a challenging platforming experience!

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Double Fine

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    Mild Fantasy Violence

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boots and cats

fantastic musical progression. Intriguing level design. Unfortunately, very short. This harkened back to REZ on dreamcast for me. I'd love to see deeper level design targeting more instrumentation. GREAT style, but leaves me wanting more.

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Wonderful game, fun challenge

This game is addicting! the building beat, the challenging boss levels, it's an amazing experience that I would recommend to all who love a simple sidescroller!

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The Game I've Been Looking For

Masterclass design. Every single moment is fresh and with consistently varied mechanics, I've never seen anything like it. Plus the soundtrack, which governs much of your motion, is perfect for the vibrant visuals. This game combines so many of my favorite gaming experiences, it seemlessly references the past while injecting brand new ideas into an experience I won't be the same after. Great work guys.

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Its Good

Good Platform I game played for a while :^) This Developer is creative!

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Great Game! (4½/5⭐)

It's a great game, it's also very hard. The only thing missing is a pause menu.

Simplistic approach, yet executed flawlessly.

Short, to the point, and varied in difficulty, 140 is a game that is fun and approachable minus its anger- and rage-inducing difficulty endgame and boss levels. Those 'I just want to throw my controller' moments are evidence to how good and perfectly stable this game runs and how errors are rooted not from the game itself, but from the user who is playing it. But that's how a game should be, right? Well, there are some sequences where you'll want to hate this game in lieu of consecutive failed attempts and that'll generally be because of your sense of rhythm or lack thereof as that is this game's foundation. Rhythm and timing to be exact and that is tested all throughout the game ranging from easy to turning your Xbox off. Did I mention that it's a platformer as well? And it'd be a disservice not to mentioin the great collection of music it has. Overall, it's a fantastic platformer where its difficulty associates with its rhythmic tracks which associates with its level design.

is fun but need check points and pause

the game is fun but need check points if we wan to go back to a specific area or boss

obnoxiously difficult

great games build in difficulty...this throws you in at a level **** expect after a few hours of playing. regretting my purchase and reminds me why I hate buying games through the online store.

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