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save $4.00  •  3 days remaining


There are more ways than ever before to spend your VC. Upgrade your MyPLAYER, buy MyTEAM packs to build your perfect fantasy team, and so much more! DEVELOP your MyPLAYER by increasing attributes and learning new animations. CUSTOMIZE your MyPLAYER with the latest gear by visiting the 2K Store. BUILD your MyTEAM by opening packs and creating a team of current players and NBA Legends!

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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    Everyone 10+

    Crude Humor

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    Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB

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bought it and it is no where to be found

bought the coins and redeemed it on my microsoft account and it didnt add them to my 2k account and i dont know where to look and when i tried to redeem it again obviously it says its already been redeemed have a feeling im screwed here

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Loss player and vc

Created a my player loss player and 150,000 in vc . Im very disappointed. Turn in a ticket on 2k. Com 3 days ago still no refund

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Trash, refund, corrupted file

This is a scam!! Game was setup to rob people of their money! If we pay for the game we should be able to play it without having to spend more money in the game for the career mode. Especially when the game is broken and crashes. But it glitches as well. Or your my player gets corrupted! So if u did spend money to level up your my player it was just a complete waste of money because you can't even use your my player. The file is corrupt! I want a refund of $70 for the money I wasted on VC. Because my career won't load up with my character. I don't want a refund for the game. Just my wasted money on VC.

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very unhappy

i bought this set up my player in my career started playing got notification of bad data lost my player n vc put in a ticket never got any response or vc guess i wasted money i am very disappointed probably wont renew my subscription when it runs out i have been a long time customer

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This was very easy. It went to my account on 2k right away

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Great and Easy to Use

Have spent hundreds of dollars on vc in 2k18 and have gotten them instantaneously and am extremely happy with my purchase and recommend you use it to get to the 85 overall in my career so that you may be able to enjoy it to its full power

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Total ********!

Total ********

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VC not usable

When I tried to use them it says they have already been redeemed

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