For Honor™ Season Pass will allow you to enhance your game experience with a VIP membership which includes: 6 NEW HEROES AND PREMIUM CONTENT: - 6 New Heroes - 6 Elite Outfits (one per new Hero) - 1 Exclusive Sunbeam Effect on emotes for all Heroes - 3 Exclusive Emblem Outlines - 30 Days Champion Status (+25% XP, extra Loot and more) - 3 Premium Scavenger Crates VIP ACCESS TO NEW CONTENT: - 7 day early access to each new Heroes - Early access to new content revealed later on For Honor™ is mandatory to play the game (sold separately)

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Xbox One

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season pass "ticket"

if you had purchaceed a hard copy of the gold edition and entered the code in the case, all you are given is sunlight emote, 3 head ornaments for vanguard classes, and the season pass '"ticket" where is the rest of my content microsoft? ubisoft? not to mention that your game ate 4000 steel for a 7 day champion status even though we gold edition holders get both a 7 day and 30 day champion status with our purchase of the gold edition...waiting on an answer or any reply to make this right. and i know i'm not the only one, update* after reading the product description of the season pass "ticket", the product only gives you updates on what is happening with the game and season pass. i paid 40 extra dollars to be put on a MAILING LIST!!! MAKE THIS RIGHT, RIGHT NOW!!!

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I bought gold and did not get ANY of my season pass content. Says deluxe addition is owned but says ihave to pay 39.99 for season pass. Then there is no way to contact ubisoft, web sight is down and no customer service phone number. I spent 99.00 for what?

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Like many others I bought the GE, but I didnt get any items or championship status like it said I would get from the season pass. The game is really fun but basically I paid extra money for nothing. UPDATE: I bought it on disc and on the cover it says SEASON PASS NOT SEASON PASS TICKET. So this is false advertising, nice job ubisoft, way to rob people of their money. 👎

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bought the gold ed and didn't recieve most of!!

no 3 scavanger crates ,no 30 day champion status , no day 1 war pack or exclusive emblem. I Also did not receive the 7champion status , no smoke effect no deluxe emblem... i definitely will need this issue resolved. or a refund.

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Game is great, season pass ticket is really upsetting

I paid for the gold edition and with that, I should have gotten the season pass and other promised content. This makes me EXTREMELY UPSET and distrustful of both Microsoft and Ubisoft. I reported this product for poor performance and nothing has been done. I EXPECT this issue to be resolved and I be compensated either by giving me the promised content in the gold edition, including a functional season pass, or a refund that will fully cover, including tax, the cost of purchasing the season pass. I am VERY disappointed with Microsoft and Ubisoft for not solving this issue, especially when so many people have commented on it and gave this product bad reviews. UPDATE: It has been a couple of days now and the 1 star reviews are piling up. Can someone in charge of this piece of junk season pass give me an update on where we are at with fixing this, or is this turning into a small claims court kinda thing? Super annoyed and mad. Awaiting response or action 2/16/17

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Not Season Pass?

Bought Gold Edition and got this instead of the season pass, no bonuses but cost me more money! Needs to be fixed!

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Broken pass/fix

The pass is either broken or it's false advertisement as it does not provide you with any of the items it claims. NOTE: To fix this porblem i had to by some steel to get it to work. I know this is not a great fix for most of us but it does work. I to bought the hard copy and did not work at first until itryed this fix.

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season pass not working ubisoft not helping

bought gold edition and none of the season pass content is in the game!!!

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Love the game bought gold edition didnt get any of my season pass stuff so getting lawyers if not fixed in week

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Robbing people of their money 👎

just bought gold edition and i went to manage game and it said SEASON PASS.I clicked the start button on it again and go to full details on the store and now its say SEASON PASS TICKET.Great way to rob people Ubisoft.Trust me people arent as dumb as you think.

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