Gone Home: Console Edition

Gone Home: Console Edition

Midnight City



Gone Home, the genre-defining Story Exploration Video Game, is now available in the comfort of your living room! June 7, 1995. 1:15 AM. You arrive home after a year abroad. You expect your family to greet you, but the house is empty. Something's not right. Where is everyone? And what's happened here? Find out for yourself as you explore the house on Arbor Hill in the award-winning game that’s been called “a remarkable achievement” (IGN) and “the greatest video game love story ever told” (The New York Times). Experience one of the generation’s defining indie games plus more than 90 minutes of behind-the-scenes commentary by the developers, actors, and musicians that made Gone Home possible! Game of the Year: Polygon PC Game of the Year: IGN Best Independent Game: Spike TV VGX Awards Best Debut BAFTA award-winner

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Xbox One

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first person snooper

this is a game about snooping through peoples dresser drawers, rummaging through closets, digging through old boxes, and reading peoples diarys..

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Not my type of game

I'm going to come out and say this right now; this game is a walking simulator. The entire objective of this game is to wander around an empty house for an hour looking for journal entries, just so you can be spoonfed some semblance of a plot by subpar voice acting. There is no replay value whatsoever aside from speed running ( and maybe that's for the best ). Even the big plot reveal at the end left me angry that I wasted my time playing a game where nothing happens. After reading about all the awards and glowing reviews this game got, I saw it as an opportunity to check it out myself. I just don't understand how this game could have been so well-received. I'm giving this 2 stars only because I appreciate that the developers were passionate about it, even if the game didn't turn out to be all that great.

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A Commendable but Ineffectual Walk

Voice-acting carries this game & yet those who desire conversation will be disappointed. The setting is nice & unlocking new areas is fun if you enjoy interactive, enviromental clue-gathering. Some laughs are to be found, especially for players with siblings. The concept is good & the game lets you set your own pace with slow, simple exploration-peaceful, lonely sleuthing for that illusive clue you need. Sadly, the execution doesnt live up, as the game's set in a comparitively small & lifeless world. Family may be a nice hook, but your reactions to its shortcomings will make or break your interest in this walking sim. All in all, its an empty game beyond the voiced journals. I havent felt disappointed by a game in a long time, but this game is just too short, as well as mostly filler & generic decor . If you want a gripping, nostalgic, emotionally powerful experience with characters that you care about & connect with, this game may leave you wanting. I wanted a great game & this isnt.

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Trying to save newcomers from hours of regret 🙂

As soon as you enter the house, there are stairs in front of you. To the right, there is the secret wall between the stairs and the shelves. Open it when you see the "?" come up and you get the attic key from the secret room behind it. Come back out and head up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Get to the attic in the red area 🙂

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What a waste...

Gone Home isn't a game, it's a preachy story about lesbians and marital problems told from the perspective of a college age girl. There's nothing exciting or fun about it. It's not at all challenging in any way. The story threads are cliche and stunted in a way that will leave you feeling cheated out of the time you took to play Gone Home. The critics who wrote positive reviews about Gone Home were more interested in signaling their virtue than being honest about the quality of the game, all at the expense of any credibility they may once have had. Don't bother playing Gone Home, it stinks!

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The description if the game, along with being alone in a big, dark, silent house, gives the impression this would be a scary game. Also (spoiler), there was a hint at a ghost named Oscar, but that wasnt the case at all. The story was a love story, yet the while time I thought I should feel scared to be in the house. The story was not super interesting, and very very short.

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The fridge

There were apples and a banana in the fridge 0/10

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$20 for a half hour lesbian love story. Don't, just don't, not even free.

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I played this for free and it still cost me too much.

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Game was straight spaghetti

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