Steep™  Road to the Olympics

Steep™  Road to the Olympics



Steep™ Road to the Olympics is an expansion for Steep, the open world action-sports game that takes you on the journey to become an Olympic champion. Freely explore a massive open world, including iconic Japanese mountains as well as the Alps, where you will train for qualifiers to reach the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018. Steep™ Road to the Olympics is a licensed product of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018. Requires Steep™, sold separately. *This Unlockable Content is bound to the primary account and cannot be shared with any sub account*

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Xbox One

Xbox One

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Great, but short.

Don't mind the 1 star ratings with no constructive criticism. What you get with the pack is fun and introduces an interesting campaign styled movement to the Olympics. I liked the real interviews with the Olympians as well. Japan is a beautiful place to ride, and the slopestyle mode is fantastic. The South Korean moutain is limited to just olympic events, so no free roam there. I do not like in these events tricks are easier to perform. Overall, it was good and I enjoyed it!

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If you enjoy Amped, why haven't you played this yet?

I bought this game after trying the beta awhile ago, and I can attest to the developers listening to player feedback and integrating into each subsequent update and DLC. This game has been continuously fine tuned and now with the one x performance upgrades, it it one of the better looking and running games I've played. As a person who's spent much of my adult life on snow and in the mountains , this game really does a service to the scale and appeal of riding around a hill looking for things to play on, and really doesnt put too many constraints on what can be done. The new mastiff is by far the best addition, and while the competition aspect may have some faults, (good luck getting top leaderboard ranking without sacrificing individual style) overall this game is awesome. Just like the Amped series, this game has its roots in a sincere love for winter sports, and the result is THE snowsport game of this console generation.

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not enough

just not enough content for 30 dollars. good game but literally only 9 challenges for the Olympics and only two are freestyles the rest is trash racing......for 30 bucks......

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Not working

I thought I was going crazy until I realized I'm not only one. This isn't gonna look good on Ubi's rep

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doesnt work

Buggy deployments all day and now that it finally is released the new mountains arent showing.

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classic ubisoft

overhyped, overpriced, doesnt run.

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Doesn't work

I got STEEP: Winter Games edition (the copy of STEEP that has this expansion) but it's saying I still have to buy

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Failure to launch

Cant play on release date. Anotha one for ubisoft...sigh

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Great Gameplay but

Love the feel of playing game. Love the events. Dont love lack of depth. Dont like only snowboard for story. Also why not some type of sled event? Still would rather have it then nothing.

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wont run

no matter what i do it wont run

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