The Crew® Ultimate Edition

The Crew® Ultimate Edition

$49.99 +
$49.99 +



Try it now for free by downloading The Crew® Trial ! Should you decide to buy the game to enjoy the full experience, all your progression through the trial version will be saved. Download now on The Crew® Standard product page and try bikes and new specs cars ! Explore the first realistic recreation of the entire USA ever built for a driving game in The Crew® Ultimate Edition, your all inclusive edition of the revolutionary action driving game The Crew®. INCLUDES: - The Crew® - The Crew® Wild Run expansion - The Crew® Calling All Units expansion - The Season Pass KEY FEATURES: - Roam the ultimate driving playground on and off road in a 5000km² open world - Master every terrain with powerful cars, agile motorcycles, unstoppable monster trucks or roaring dragsters - Be spontaneous, turn on-road encounters into intense rivalries or bond with friends, creating instant challenges with fellow drivers - Chose the badge or the street, fly solo or join a police squad and use your special abilities to track down and chase Street Racers all over the US CONTENT: - Over 120 Licensed Vehicles - 220+ Tuning Kits - A 30+ hours Story Campaign - An inovative Cops Vs Racers Gameplay - Over 220 missions - Unlimited Freedrive activities A permanent internet connection is required in order to play the game.

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Online multiplayer (2-8)
  • Online co-op

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this more of like a RIPOFF SEASON PASS

every other game with a season pass gives u the new dlc for FREE when it comes out. this was a mistake for a season pass. I WANT A FLIPPING REFUND!

87 out of 93 people found this helpful.

Not a real Season Pass

It does not include the new "Calling All Units" DLC. What kind of season pass doesn't include the DLC? What a ripoff and disappointment.

108 out of 118 people found this helpful.

needs more

This is a really good game when it comes to the game play and the content that is added. I would think that the season pass would have all dlc and expansions free for those who have it. with the Calling all units expansion coming out soon I Was so excited that I would have to pay extra for it since I have the season pass. I did some research on it and the calling all units is not included in the season pass. That's why I am giving the season pass 2 stars. Season passes should include 95% of the dlc that is added to a game.

41 out of 43 people found this helpful.


do not buy season pass, you don't get the new add ons. you still have to purchase separately. straight up ripoff!

70 out of 80 people found this helpful.


They dont give any dlc yet its a season pass 🤔

46 out of 52 people found this helpful.

Cool cars and online multiplayer

The expansion has great new multiplayer stuff and great new cars but the extended story is boring

62 out of 73 people found this helpful.


What kind of season pass doesn't include all DLC. Only gives you a few cars dont buy.

38 out of 43 people found this helpful.

It's good

It's hard to arrest someone online, but it's still fun.🙂👍

154 out of 192 people found this helpful.

cooperate greed trying to make more money off of us....

paid for season pass, now new content is released and i am expected to pay more for something that I have already paid for. definitely not cool!

16 out of 17 people found this helpful.

Replay Value like no other racer

Always something new to earn. Amazing replay value for any game let alone a racer. Mix between sim and arcade more the ladder. only game ive been playing since it was free with gold.

102 out of 125 people found this helpful.

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