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Try the CREW game for free! Go to the Xbox One console store to download the trial. Learn more at The Crew is a revolutionary action-driving MMO that connects players online like never before. The Crew takes you and your friends on a wild ride across a massive, open-world recreation of the United States that is richly detailed and loaded with endless challenges. Generous in content and tailored for the connected generation, The Crew is the next-gen game that redefines action-driving. Additional System Requirements: Minimum broadband internet connection of 512 Kbps is required to access all features. The downloadable version of this game supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Russian.

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  • Online co-op

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Great Game (for those who didn't buy it yet)

Let me get this straight: I've already bought The Wild Run expansion & Season Pass assuming that my purchases would be complete. Now, you want me to buy this new 'Calling All Units' add-on, when it should be included in the season pass. And for incentive, you'll give me Wild Run (which I already have) for free? Granted, I did get The Crew for free during Xbox's monthly giveaway. But what about those who didn't!? With all DLC included, this would mean that we are paying over $100 for one complete game! (Break it down: $25 +tax for each expansion & an extra $25 +tax for the season pass which only gives you the cars that you can't buy in-game, but only with your actual money!) This is outrageous! I've got a better deal for you: If you are giving Wild Run for free as a gift for buying Calling All Units, then it should the same for those who bought Wild Run as vice versa. Do that, and this will rank, The Crew, as one of the most epic games ever made! ...& I'll rate you 5 Stars 👍

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Micro Transaction Galore

The core concept of the game is fantastic, but I felt as if I got only half the game. Its really disappointing to see price tags on half of the content that should be accessible. Its like going to the bakery, and you see a delicious pie on the counter with a $10 price tag above it. You give the guy ten bucks, then he cuts a slice out of the pie and gives that slice to you. This is sadly an on point analogy for this game.

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Feeling ripped off

First off, the crew isnt necessarily a bad game. The idea behind it and wide variety of cars, trucks, and bikes with lots of mod options makes for alot of fun. But I feel like the prices of some vehicles and the cars only available for real world currency is borderline pay to win. That and I am no longer able to access ANY of my wild run DLC content that I paid for in full without buying the new DLC yet again at full price. So I lost acess to well over ten vehicles that I spent numerous hours working towards. Not happy. All in all a decent game, but with the poor physics, and being out of pocket of over 20$ I'm pretty sure you could find a better investment than this. Such as Forza Horizon 3 just to name an example. Hope this helps. 👍

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Too much money

Bought the game and season pass...didnt come with wild run....okay. Bought wild run and now I can get wild run by purchasing this newest dlc but cant get lastest dlc even though I bought wild run separately thinking it would be part of season pass...somethings gotta give with these crooks. Gameplay wise: for a MMORPG racing game, it delivers. Controls are arcade-style. No need for forza mastery. The game is fun but add-on content should be part of season pass....the reason I buy a season pass.

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Good Game but some quirks need fixed

To be honest this game actually not bad it has an okay story i feel as though it needed more effort. The missions were really repetitive as you go through the story the voice acting was good to me, and the ending (not spoiling it) was lack luster. The multiplayer is in my opinion is decent at best because most people play by themselves which isn't too much of a problem but kills the immersion of the game. The game is too grindy and your not rewarded much for putting the effort in. The Season pass is $25 the Calling All Units DLC $25 ripoff if you want the dlc get the season pass. Speaking of grindy you level your car with parts that do little to nothing because the AI rubber banding is bad,but a game aint fun without challenge. The skill system yes there are skills are not bad but you choose whatever skills you like they are semi helpful. The amount of cars in game is bad considering some are behind a pay wall $2.99 at most still unacceptable.

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"Calling All Glitches"

Not anything that couldn't be fixed, but enough to cause game crashes. Simple mechanics issues that should have been caught in Alpha before release plague the new expansions. The crate runs are ripe with constant group start errors, false captures leading to crewmates being dropped, etc... Definitely has potential, but wasn't tested well enough. Apparently Ubisoft didn't get the memo or ignored testing issue reports. Also the difficulty levels for missons need revision or their timers extended, especially the cargo collection missions.

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great game

usually hate racing games but this one is actually fun. in a weird way it reminds me of gta lol

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Fun, when it works.

When the servers aren't down, which is quite frequent -thus making the game unplayable, because there is no offline option- it seems to struggle to find it's footing as an MMORPG, and a Racer. The open world is massive, and has many notable real world locations, but getting there can be cumbersome, and the physics engine makes it worse. Similar spec vehicles can perform vastly differently on the same track, which makes purchasing vehicles a guessing game. The dynamic weather is a nice change, but ultimately just becomes a nuisance, along with the constant cutscenes that can't be turned off. all in all it has great potential, but just can't stop tripping over itself.

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game is good, but.....

I am saddened that the new dlc cost $24 extra with "free wild run" when I already bought the season pass AND paid for wild run. If we own wild run already, why can't we just pay for a cheaper price on calling all units? The buy 2 for price of 1 won't fool me thinking it's a better deal for those who already have 1 out of the 2 dlc.

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Good game Just over priced

I brought the game used from a shop for 11.00 dollars. Its a lot of fun and there is some bugs but nothing that should hurt your game play. I would buy all the dlcs but I would end up paying way more for the game then if I brought new. But other than that is a great amount of fun....Just not worth 40.00 to me.

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