The Fall Bundle

The Fall Bundle

Over The Moon
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Includes the award winning "The Fall" and "The Fall Part 2: Unbound" In a dark oppressive future, you are the Artificial Intelligence onboard a combat suit. Your sole purpose: Protect your pilot. The problem: He's unconscious. You must take control of the suit, and drag his body towards medical help. The Fall is exploration that matters; it's only by exploring and understanding your environment that you will discover how to overcome the bizzare set of challenges that await you. Pick up and use items in fun and unusual point-and-click adventure puzzles while avoiding death at every turn. The story and gameplay of The Fall reach a new level of depth in The Fall Part 2: Unbound, which is longer and more complex in every way. The Fall is the perfect series for gamers who enjoy being engrossed in a compelling story.

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Short but sweet...

The fall is a short one (average two hours for the first run and under an hour once you know the secrets). The end leaves you feeling a bit unsatisfied and the game has a rushed/unfinished feeling to it... even for a game meant "to be continued." The game will give you two playthroughs to earn all of the achievements. Unfortunately after the first playthrough, many will never feel the desire to play it again due to the awkward controls and the occasional freezing and glitching. All that said. why 4 stars? The concept for the story and the problem solving puzzles are amazing. If you can pick up The Fall at a discount, don't cheat yourself from seeing the potential this IP has to offer.

37 out of 37 people found this helpful.


This game was amazing! It had just enough dramatic scenes and plenty of puzzle and action parts to leave you dying for more. Although I finished the game in one day, I recomend this game to everyone who reads this. Now that I finished the game, got the cliffhanger ending, and got the text saying "To be continued..." I can't wait for Part 2.

30 out of 30 people found this helpful.

Cant Wait For Part 2

I loved the enviornment and general atmosphere of the game. The controls need a bit of work however, as jumping would cause a frame jump every now and then. The ending has got me hooked for part 2 . The studio who made the game said the next part will be out in Feb 13 2018.

21 out of 21 people found this helpful.

I love this game.

I got this game when it was on sale for $1.50. After playing it twice I feel like I robbed them. This game has a great story, puzzles, and gameplay. IT EVEN HAS COOL SECRETS!!!!!!!!! This game has everything I love!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR PART TWO!!!!!! Great job developers, I will definitely keep up to date on your games!! 0u0

40 out of 42 people found this helpful.

Astonishing, best yet!

I started this adventure with very low expectations and boy was I wrong. This game is truly a work of art and intellect. If you're stupid or closed minded forget it. If you're looking for a short but very challeging and fun exploration game this is most definately for you. As far as story telling this is about as good as I've seen. It keeps you guessing and surprising you at every turn. If you don't like to read forget this, but in my opinion the reading parts nakes it better. This is a unique experience and I loved every second of it. Might be slow for some people, but it makes for the best exploration experience I've seen in a while. Well worth the money. Only downside is you really only need to play through it once, but a second playthrough is necessary for a single achievement which is the one thing I dislike. If you're going to require 2 playthoughs you need to make more then 1 achievement available for it. Personaly I could care less about achievements, but most do.

30 out of 32 people found this helpful.

great puzzles and story

story keeps you hooked throughout with a wonderful twist. puzzles keep you engaged. sometimes puzzles send you to different areas far away which is a bit time consuming. cant wait for the next one to come out.

14 out of 14 people found this helpful.

great sidescroller!! but faulty

great old school foundation, with modern "face". would of given 5 *'s but found multiple glitches, one of which caused the save point to return to the first one. otherwise a most excellent game. ready for the next.

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WOW!!! I just finished the game and absolutly loved it! This has been my favorite puzzle game in awhile and possibly of all time! It took me ~4 hours to finish without any help and my mind is completly blown from the story and more so from the implications. You will think you know what will happen but this will keep your focus on what is just an illusion. As for the performance of the game, it only had minor bugs that had no impact on the story or game play. I completly recomend this story based puzzle game to any one who likes to think outside of the box and has some time to sit down and solve some good puzzles. I can't praise this game enough so I will stop here. All I can ask for is another one ASAP!

8 out of 8 people found this helpful.

Interesting, but very frustrating

I want to follow the story, but I'm continually lost as to what to do next. The controls are clunky but serviceable, but I feel like I'm on an easter egg hunt where someone got too cute hiding the eggs. Very similar feel to a point and click adventure game in this regard.

6 out of 6 people found this helpful.

Great Game

This game is fantastic, the story and characters are great. My first review ever, I gave to this game because it truly deserves it.

6 out of 6 people found this helpful.

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