The Sims™ 4 Bundle

The Sims™ 4 Bundle

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save $20.00  •  5 days remaining


Add more ways to play at a great price* when you bundle! Includes The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack, The Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack, and The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack. THE SIMS 4 CITY LIVING Take your Sims to the city and explore everything it has to offer, from bustling action outside to unique situations that come only with apartment living. THE SIMS 4 VAMPIRES Transform your Sims into powerful vampires and live for eternity in an eerie new destination. THE SIMS 4 VINTAGE GLAMOUR STUFF Indulge your Sims in the glamorous life and treat them to an elegant new look. *REQUIRES THE SIMS 4 GAME (SOLD SEPARATELY) AND ALL GAME UPDATES TO PLAY. OFFERS MAY VARY OR CHANGE.

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Xbox One

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It was fun for a while

This game pack definitely had me interested for the first few days. This game pack adds a relitavely small world called Forgotten Hollow which I really liked. The vampire powers that your sim could unlock were cool. The create a sim items were awesome, and the build mode items were amazingly themed to match the dark theme of the pack. My only dislike is how often vampires need to feed. Yes, I know they need blood, but it would get on my nerves sometimes when they just had like 3 plasma fruits and they want more. Their need to feed so often was kind of the only negative part of the pack. Overall, I loved it. By the way, vampires are immortal ;) they don't age from young adults so they live forever!!

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This is totally worth buying. You have tons of items and a new town. The whole pack is both funny and fun. Vampires are what I've been waiting for. People who like having detailed sims should buy this. Overall, I LOVE this pack totally should buy this and this is a pack that expands your creativity.

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It's a meh.

There's alot of great content in this dlc but it's a little overpriced. Would of liked better if I could build elevators outside of penthouses and have buildable vehicles. Overall would recommend.

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I love everything about! Im hoping there will be more expansion packs in the future like cats and dogs🐶🐈

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Best Game!

This game is amazingly fun with all the things you can do. I advise watching the tutorials the game offers due to the fact that some controls aren't very apparent in build mode. Other than that, the game is awesome!! 🙂🙂

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love but creepy

its a great bundle hope you guys do these things more with expansion packs. what i meant by creepy is the vamps will literally break into your home just to feed off you😆

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Its very amusing

I love it but more expansion packs need to release

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Welcome to Lag Myshuno

Oh gosh... the lag during festivals is extremely excruciating. Not only during festivals, if you live in the city, more often than not you come across performance drops. Lag lag lag. Besides this, City Living is a sort of lacking expansion pack. There really is a adequate amount of male create a sim items, not as much as I wanted though. The city is kind of misleading, your sim can literally only walk and explore the visible neighborhood, and to even visit the neighbor to the apartment next to you, you have to sit through a loading screen. Other than that, City Living is sort of meh. Have fun

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what can say but i agree with last review 5 stars

i love the vampire DLC am running a family of 8

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love it

i like it all🙂🙂🙂🙂

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