Toy Soldiers: War Chest

Toy Soldiers: War Chest

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Kaiser, Starbright, Phantom and Dark Lord Armies There are four different armies to command, each with different strengths, play styles and personalities. Kaiser returns with his disciplined WWI-era German forces, and Starbright brings her cuddly army of Buddy Bears, Ponies, and Pixies. On the other side of the spectrum is Dark Lord, a villainous tactician who commands a supernatural faction made from men, monsters, and dragons. Hailing from the future, Phantom and her Ghost Company are highly skilled in the art of guerrilla warfare and are armed with deadly technology. Weekly War The battle continues with new challenge maps added every week. Complete all five missions within the seven days and earn rewards such as new units, upgrades and currency to build your every-growing army. Multiplayer Multiplied Whose toys are the best? Find out in multiplayer by taking on your friends’ armies in heated 1v1 competition. Take turns protecting your toy box and preparing waves of different enemies for the best attack. If you would rather join up with your bestie and take on other teams of toys in the new 2v2 mode, plan a playdate! Cooperative and Couch Play Team up with a friend to play any of the main campaign, weekly war, survival, or multiplayer maps together! You can play split screen on the same console or invite your friends and play online.

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Xbox One


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  • Online co-op
  • Local multiplayer (2)
  • Local co-op

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Good but could be better

I have supported this game since the original TS but I guess the developers are not going to continue creating new TS games. This particular one is okay but I dont play it anymore. The weekly challenges have not been reset in a long time either, which leads me to believe the developers are done with it too.

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Huge fan of the first 2 games.

Game is ruined by microtransactions.

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I really Love this game...

Since the original ToySoldiers, Ive been a fan...I do miss the try out weapons area in the new game though...Also, I was hoping for more DLC other than the 4 character pax that were purchased with the complete bundle....Its definitely worth it though !

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A Good Feeling To Be Like A Kid Again

One thing I miss about being a kid was being able to use your imagination at playing war, with the action figures in hand it was a wonder being a child

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REALLY boring without friends, but other wise it's a blast

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Bought for local co-op

Bug prevents guest from selecting any hero except for The Kaiser. DO NOT BUY FOR LOCAL CO-OP

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Abomination for the series.

Game does not support local split-screen. Screen options say so, but there is literally no option in-game for a second person to log in, or even accept invites. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN LOCAL CO-OP

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I like the creativeness I wish they would make more

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Toy Soldiers

Got this for Christmas with all DLC.I hardly play it anymore unless my real toy soldiers are either too boring or broke.Get the game with the DLC though,it feels better with old and familiar toys 😆


Multi player does NOT work for ****!!!!! My brthers screen froze while attempting to get in my game!! Im seeing this was a problem 2 YEARS AGO!!! 2015!!!! UBISH*T had TWO DAMN YEARS TO FIX THIS ****!!!!!! ***!!!

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