Trials of the Blood Dragon

Trials of the Blood Dragon

Ubisoft Entertainment



Discover an epic single player experience, combining the top notch gameplay of Trials with the unique style and attitude of Blood Dragon. Take control of Rex Power Colt’s cybercommando kids as they drive, shoot, swing, tame and travel through different environments. Expect also hot competition with Ghost mode, Global Score and Leaderboards. • TRIALS WITH A STORYLINE 30 missions across 7 different worlds, fully animated cut scenes, colourful characters and a self-contained story set 12 years after the events of Far Cry Blood Dragon. • OFF YER BIKE! As well as the trusty Motorbike, discover the art of the BMX, 8-wheel tank, Turbo Flip R/C, jetpack and mine cart. You migh even have to go on foot, a first in the history of Trials. • USE YOUR HANDS Beyond driving, the level of action is cranked up with the addition of weapons and a grappling hook, bringing a whole new level of gameplay to the world of Trials. If you don’t succeed at first, try shooting it.

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Xbox One

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Good ideas, poor execution.

Trials of the Blood Dragon comes off as a poor cash-in of Far Cry: Blood Dragon that some how got mixed in with a mediocre Trials game that was too ambitious for its own good. I do have some positives about the game, the music is great, the colorful art design is fantastic, there is some good humor throughout, and there were some great ideas in the game. Here are the negatives, the level design is interesting some of the time, however, that said, most of the time there are points in some levels that you just crash for no apparent reason. The platforming levels in this game are some of the worst I have ever played in a video game. The jumps are too floaty, the response time of any action feels broken, the shooting sucks, and the obsticals they want you to be able to manuver are pretty much imposible with the way the engine handles movement. Another huge issue is the shooting and grapling hook nonsense while driving, its such a huge distraction that ruins the whole thing for me.

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I love the feeling of two great games combined! I also like the way the story makes you laugh and drop your mouth, and how its not just you on a bike all the time however the story is short and lacks more than 4 hours of gameplay unless you try to go for secrets and Grades, this game deserves a solid 4

22 out of 25 people found this helpful.


This game inludes almost no motorcycle riding. If you enjoyed any previous Trials game, you will hate this game. It is a horribly designed game that dropped every good aspect of the Trials franchise in order to get your money. Please don't make the mistake I did, and save your money.

12 out of 14 people found this helpful.

Get it on sale

Huge Trials fan good little mix of trying to mix it up, but get it on sale. To short for full price, really fun just short.

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The Trials games were good although frustating at times but this one is just trash. Trying to fuse far cry with trials was a stupid idea. The on foot controls are mediocre at best.

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garbage with a few trials tracks mixed in

i dont think ubisoft actually understands why trials is fun and dressing it up as another game with new mechanics isnt it. What a terrible idea, bastardizing trials with this mochary of a reskin of a game that wasnt even good and then replacing the trials tracks with mostly generic on foot platforming levels might be the dumbest thing ubisoft has done and theyve done a lot. Dressing a game like a clown doesnt make it fun, this is an insult to the trials name and its fans: The only reason i give it a 2 is because of the actual trials tracks mixed in few and far between the nonsense and a couple interesting ideas here and there

25 out of 41 people found this helpful.

A fantastic spin-off!

This is just awesome, finished the 30 or so levels and loved every minute of it! After loving Far Cry Blood Dragon I knew this was a must buy. Its over the top fun that you really need to play!

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Made by a 3 year old and voiced by one

Has to be the worst remake ever because far cry blood dragon was Amazing and open world but this is a sidescrolling game from **** its horrible DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!

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Loved It!

It is over the top with action and stunts. A ton of 1980's Movie references and a blast to play.

4 out of 6 people found this helpful.

Great new spin on Trials

Trials + Grappling Hook + Dual Stick Shooter = Greatness. The 2D platforming segments I could do without, but when you're on the bike its incredible!

One person found this helpful.

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