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Experience Watch_Dogs - the phenomenon of 2014 - with the biggest edition ever! As Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker, turn Chicago into the ultimate weapon in your quest for revenge. In this Complete Edition, including the game + Season Pass, access a new game mode, weapons, outfits and missions and plays as T-Bone, the legendary hacker in a brand new campaign!

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Xbox One


  • Online multiplayer (2-8)
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Immersive Dark Story.

I appreciate the refreshingly dark tone of the game that stays away from GTA or Saints Row-type wacky nonsense. Those are great games but this adds a dark vigilante, (almost Batman like) character, desperate for revenge. Hacking is easy, the puzzles, slightly difficult, gameplay and animations are smooth, except the driving needs work. If you like dark, revenge stories... this is easily one of my top favorite games.

416 out of 446 people found this helpful.

story,missions, & hacking.

watch dogs does it good. people were so hyped and it got bad rewiews when came out. I really like how the game is its diffrent. With the dlc makes the base game more fun. i love the digital trips great fun. adds a nice challenge. If you like gta or saints row games but hacking this is a game for you.

197 out of 215 people found this helpful.

Awesome Game👍

Fun open world game. The hacking makes it unique and adds variety. I love the story. I like the way you earn skill points and can choose to upgrade hacking skills, combat skills, and crafting items. If you like open world games get this game.

114 out of 132 people found this helpful.

I loved this game!

This is one of the best games I've ever played! The story was pretty good, the side missions are fun, and the graphics are amazing! I know this game has been "down-graded" and it didn't live up to the hype, but it's still an amazing game! It's not the best it could have been, but it isn't the worst either. Not my favorite (Red Dead Redemption has that) but it's in my top 5! Can't wait for Watch_Dogs 2!

81 out of 93 people found this helpful.

Genius and Free.

These types of games are genius. i watched my brother play a year ago and now i am. The campaign was well done with occasional emotional moments. going through the city causing mayhem on the streets is fun with friends (or other people). hacking to various things and causing city-wide blackouts was satisfying and gives you a variety of tactics you can use on enemies (and friends). i dont usually give 5 stars but it deserves it because its very unique than other shooters out there.

127 out of 152 people found this helpful.

Good game

The Story is awesome the Character is great the location great choice the music is good would been better with more metal. Very unique game with hacking anything love how its easy to make money the driving could have been better but it wasnt bad would of been awesome with some car customization like the free running style missions could be tuff at time the shooting was fun love the silenced 1911. The graphics are better than last gen consoles the skill tree was pretty cool. Over all not bad. Cant wait to see what Watch Dogs 2 Has to offer.

72 out of 83 people found this helpful.

Easy To Jump In, Rapidly Addicting

I've never seen a sandbox game enter you into the world better. Right out from the opening mission I was quickly getting a grip on exactly how to hack the entire city, bit by bit, until I was a god zipping through the streets on a bullet bike. Some puzzles were admittedly frustrating, but once I found or looked up the solution it was always somewhere I should have looked. The game gives you a very unique perspective into the world by hacking everyone around you, giving you access to their secrets, habits, bank accounts, listening in on their phone calls and reading their texts. Through this you also chase criminals by tracking the movements and deals of human traffickers and other criminals. Realizing I could use my music app to turn off songs in the library made playing much more fun. Multiplayer fails. Tailing is fun at first but fast/easy; Hacking is harder and gets old fast; Decryption fails worst, the team with objective wins at the end even if they didn't touch it the whole game.

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I love every part of it bc its like gta but theres more of a good side to the character and the hacking just makes it better

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Good in many ways

I love the story of aiden and how seeks revenge but i wish the game had more options and things to do. But i love the struture and the missions including online pvp. Thanks ubisoft and keep making good games!

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Great Game

I dont see why this game gets so much hate, just because of a graphics down grade. besides the graphics. This games got a lot to offer ive played for days (just got it on next gen) and still havnt seen it all just look past the graphics.

74 out of 91 people found this helpful.

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