WRC 6 FIA World Rally Championship

WRC 6 FIA World Rally Championship

Bigben Interactive
$49.99 +
$49.99 +



On a race track, it's the car that makes all the difference. In a rally, it's the driver. WRC 6 puts you to the test: fog, mud, punctures, night racing, engine breakdowns... you have to deal with it all. WRC 6 also includes: all of the official 2016 content, including Rally China, 11 Super Special Stages on a 1:1 scale, local split-screen multiplayer, worldwide leaderboards and new online challenges every week, all the designated cars and courses in very high definition, two brand new modes, even more spectacular game cameras and free access to the entire 2017 eSport WRC!

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Xbox One


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An unoptimized mess even WRC fans will struggle to love

Handling these WRC cars, while not on par with a sim, is consistently fun and the courses, of which there are over 60, are a stand out of diversity and challenge. Career rallies stick closely to the WRC format although damage has been softened from last year which means repair choices are never a factor, not what you expect from a sport that is about a knives edge balance between speed and preservation. Damage quibbles aside the game has potential to be one of the classics WRC racers. Unfortunately, all the positives are crushed under the weight of muddied, jaggy graphics that struggle to maintain a consistent frame rate. The FPS is more tolerable from a first person camera view but the in car is probably the worst seen in a decade. Graphic also shine most when the sun is, yet the devs opted for random weather which leave gamers to deal with intolerable to near unplayable rain, night and fog effects 70% of the time. Gameplay is there but tech issues abound making this a pass for XBO.

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Sad disappointment

I bought WRC 5 and had alot of fun and after watching numerous review videos for the next adaptation I had high hopes that WRC 6 would only get better...however... The graphics are pure slop of textures, colors and weather effects that are embarrassing and the night stages are a wreck, literally. You cannot see the road and yes I know that's. why you have a codriver. Then there is the handling on both pad and wheel. After 5 hours of fine tuning and tweeking I gave up. The cars are extremely jerky and there is no sense of control. No feeling of transition to different surfaces and handbrake doesnt seem to work. Even for the price of $49.99 just pass. Huge step back from the last one.

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the game is so poorly calibrated with simulator and there is no advanced settings to help out with the sim. car handeling is so far from real, just stick with games that put more time into simulator play like forza or dirt if you don't want to lose 60 bucks on 20 mins of play time

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Try Dirt 4 Instead

As one that has been playing rally games since the original Colin Mcrae Rally on the PSOne, Ive played my share of rally games in every imaginable format. I still remember the 'Official WRC Rally' on the PS2 (Horrible). It seems that WRC games never really have had a decent representation of driving a World Rally Car. From the underwhelming graphics, to the utterly horrible pacenotes by the co-driver. It has no natural flow, the notes are often late (Even when you adjust the setting to 'early')....bad pacenotes can break a rally game, and this version does NOTHING to fix that. Then theres the rather annoying engine sounds. The popping and banging is never really in sync and to be honest sounds random...you play motorsports games for the SOUNDS of the cars, yet another miss. On the other hand the stages seem to be GPS correct. 20 years ago WRC marketing director David Richards wanted a game with GPS correct stages..too bad its in this passionless mess...now go play Dirt 4. :)

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its alright

kinda feels like a cookie cut of wrc 5 very few uninteresting vehicles and the car views just dont feel right

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It doesn't feel like real life

The first issue is with the sim. wheel/pedal configuration, it doesn't allow precise settings but instead you change it by increments of 5%. Then the other issue is the car tuning which is not measured IN ANY WAY like real life. Overall WRC 6 isn't giving me that real life feeling behind the wheel of a WRC car.

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A total mess. WRC 5 runs doughnuts around it. Dirt is way better.

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WRC5 was fun, this has the worst handling and is almost unplayable. Major disappointment.

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horrible handling

no matter what I tried the cars were all over the place. if the game was free I might keep it.

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