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The biggest video game franchise in WWE history is back with WWE 2K18! Featuring cover Superstar Seth Rollins, WWE 2K18 promises to bring you closer to the ring than ever before with hard-hitting action, stunning graphics, drama, excitement, new game modes, additional match types, deep creation capabilities, and everything you’ve come to love from WWE 2K. Be Like No One. Most Realistic WWE Video Game Ever! The most realistic WWE video game experience just became more intense with the addition of eight man matches, a new grapple carry system, new weight detection, thousands of new animations and a massive backstage area. A brand-new rendering engine also gives WWE 2K18 a visual overhaul and will bring the drama of WWE to life like never before! MyCAREER A new MyCAREER experience puts you on the path to greatness as you journey along on the road to WrestleMania. Explore WWE like never before through free-roaming, conversing with WWE Superstars, forming alliances, making enemies, seeking out quests, and strategizing for upcoming matches. Road to Glory Can your MyPlayer make it to the WWE Hall of Fame? Introducing the all-new Road to Glory! Compete with opponents online to improve your MyPlayer by earning unlockables, boosts and upgrades all while securing your entry into Special Events that are held alongside real-life WWE special events, such as pay-per-views. Dynamic Creation Suite Customize WWE like never before with an even deeper set of customization tools and the new Custom Match option! The robust Creation Suite also offers even more detailed features for Create-a-Superstar, Create-a-Video and Create-an-Arena. Seriously, THE BIGGEST ROSTER EVER! Dominate the ring with TONS of your favorite WWE, NXT and legendary Superstars! We’re not kidding, WWE 2K18 offers the most complete roster of the biggest and brightest WWE Superstars to ever grace a WWE ring!

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still waiting for Hardy Boyz dlc

221 out of 262 people found this helpful.

Flacid Effort

It takes a bit to warm up to this game. There is a huge disconnect with the characters because of the lack of any voice acting. Aside from the announcers, the career mode is done completely with subtitles. The branching questlines thankfully remain intact. The only real change in gameplay from past 2K is the new ability to carry opponents. I bought this for the X hoping the graphics would be stunning, like most X enhanced titles, it just wasnt the case with this game. 2K seriously needs to bump up the production values in future WWE titles, this isnt cutting it.

90 out of 106 people found this helpful.


I'm really happy with the game so far, bringing back the carry system was a smart move.

35 out of 41 people found this helpful.

Could have been the best ever

I was so excited when this came out. I think it is a wonderful game, but was not ready for release. I’m huge on my universe mode guy and you cannot even cut a promo without it crashing. My career mode is fun but predetermined. I am very happy with the gameplay, but until they patch the game it’s not worth it to buy.. Myself and several others have tried to contact 2K and WWE via twitter games and unfortunately have not received a response. I pre-ordered and spent over $90 just to get it early and enjoy. If you like wrestling games the gameplay is exactly what you want, but until they fix the glitches buyer beware.

128 out of 164 people found this helpful.


The controls are responsive and matches are fun, but my player mode is a waste of time. the fan favorite and company man leveling is a good idea, but they take way too long, only to find out what you spend countless hours of grinding to unlock a reward (in noncohesive my career storyline) that isn't really a reward at all because it costs vc, which doesn't come in descent quanties and has already been entirely dumped into your characters attributes so you probably don't have any. And to top that off... the my career mode has an attribute cap, so you are forced to play multiplayer mode to get stronger... That's a good system for an FPS, not a wrestling game. to sum up... Rewards aren't rewards, and online play is forced. way to kill a great franchise 2K.

22 out of 26 people found this helpful.

Loadscreen 2k18

The good: Gameplay is great. The Bad: Loadscreens are long. MyPlayer mode is a joke, you really don't get to choose crap for example. Triple H ordered me to lose the match, my debut on RAW. I had it as my objective, I didn't lose. I now have to replay the match and lose on purpose. Thats not how I want MY CHARACTER TO DEBUT! My first save corrupted and I lost about 6 Hours progress. There is no vocals with the dialogue which is very cheesy for a game made in 2017. Universe Mode is decent but lack of real story options makes it repetitive and boring after about 2 days of playing it. Once again the career mode is absolute garbage. Game is NOT worth the buy. Yukes and 2K cant make a wrestling game. Stop with the yearly release, take your time and develope a good game ffs. 1 Star for Gameplay, 1 Star Graphics, and one star for the creative options. Still garbage.

122 out of 164 people found this helpful.

Performance issues, loading times and bugs, oh my.

Unfortunately, as of this posting, the game has a lot of issues - the fps drops (often in backstage), screen tearing, etc. The myplayer mode misses the point, as you simulate the mundane with little emphasis on story, but rather needless tasks like calling your driver. Oh boy! Most of the items in creative mode (myplayer) are locked behind in game cash and prevent you from customizing a legitimate gimmick. My advice? Wait til it's patched and don't expect much.

62 out of 81 people found this helpful.

Loading, please wait...

They get my hopes up, and get my money, every year... and the game always lets me down. This year, loading is more frequent, and the load times are atrocious even by WWE 2K standards. The slow gameplay matches the slow loading, and the cringe worthy MyCareer mode shows both off perfectly. Nice graphics, decent roster, but the sound is terrible, the featured modes are lacking, and the gameplay just crawls along. At least the community creators work hard, because the developers surely do not .

26 out of 32 people found this helpful.

A Step Forward, Many Steps Backwards

THE GOOD: 2K18 is the best looking game of the 2K era. The difficult was buffed up for those who found legend to easy in past games. The roster is nice alot of old legends to unlock. Advance creation for Entrances isnt as buggy as past games. And for me only a tiny bit of lag with 8 man matches. The soundtrack is a nice mix too. Not as glitchy gameplay-wise as the past. THE BAD: CAW is actually worse this year many things locked such as if you have long hair you wont be able to wear any masks. MyPlayer is 2Ks BATTLEFRONT 2, all CAW options are locked behind paywall of VC (Virtual Currency). HOWEVER you cant unlock them via progression, you have to buy LOOTCRATES to unlock every bit of CAW items. ALSO you have to use your VC to buy these crates with the cheapest one being 2,500 VC yet you only make about 5-600 per 5 star match or 50-100 per side quest completed. To level up attributes its ludacris because each one is 1,100 VC or higher. OVERALL its pretty yet dull and a grind.

13 out of 15 people found this helpful.

good game needs little help

likes great graphics creation option is real good dislikes my career should have had voice acting instead of having to read everything and get current woman entrance right bliss and add showcase mode back yall screwing up real bad there could of had rollins showcase this year and the shield you could have edited the cm punk matches if it came to that

42 out of 56 people found this helpful.

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