Air Missions: HIND

Air Missions: HIND




Air Missions: HIND is action combat flight simulator based on the Russian Mi-24 Hind assault helicopter, also known as the "Flying Tank". Equip the weapon of your choice! - UPK 23 machineguns, GUV gunpods, FAB bombs, and variety of missiles. Use those weapons to tear up the sky in single player and multiplayer modes. -Three control modes for casual and experienced players -Fifteen missions based on fictional conflicts; -Four different environments: Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Arctic Ocean and Southeast Asia -Singleplayer and Multiplayer mode, including Campaign missions, Deathmatch, Instant Action, and Online co-operative missions -Another three soviet helicopters available to fly in missions or multiplayer battles!

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Online multiplayer (2-8)
  • Online co-op

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not bad at all

this game was a nice surprise and while not exempt of faults , is worth the price . the visuals for the ground are nothing exceptional but the helicopters are fantastic looking . the controls are not overly arcade-ish without being too complex either . the only drawback is that on some missions , like the evacuation one , you are not in control of the helicopter but have to use the side machine gun while the chopper is on rails ( like some missions on some FPS games ) ... not acceptable . if i want to play that , i go on COD or BF . outside of the 'rail mission' issue , very enjoyable little game .

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Excellent simulation!

This game reminds me of the DID Hind simulator. This game when configured properly is excellent. THIS IS NOT AN ARCADE GAME! I'm glad the developers took a chance and made this.I hope they continue to refine and expand this sim.

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For 16.99 you can't go wrong

There is a free trial. I"ve seen people comlpain about the controls, but I think they are wrong. They are as good as you can get with a game pad. If you enjoy flight sims and have any interest in helicopters, I think you will enjoy this. Giving it 4 stars because the missions are either really easy or really hard, the game has poor balance,

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Great sim 4 the money.

If you ever watched the movie Red Dawn growing up than you may have dreamed of flying one of these highly aggressive russian terrors. Expect a realistic flying experience. You really have no business judging this game wo a basic understanding of the physics behind flying a helicopter. Do not expect dumbed down, anyone can do it Battlefield style controls. (unless that is casual mode, haven't tried that myself.). But even then this is no toy drone and I would not expect it to fly like one. Think of a heavily armored flying school bus that's also armed to the teeth and you have the right idea. Possibly not a great jumping off point for beginners but for serious air gamers, and those who are willing to learn (while crashing a few times lol) I highly recommend.

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flawless me and the wife enjoyed

its amazing i cant stop blowing stuff up

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its great game

its a great game actually but it also reminds me of an old game on 360 the game was called apache air assault it was a cool game as well as Vietnam air conflicts those were great games honestly i wish they can put these games on here plus in the video game they should've put a Blackhawks because there my most favorite helicopters too and still waiting to be played but then again this game is good just wish it wasn't just Russian helicopters hopefully if i get this game hopefully it would have different factions that you can drive any helicopters though not only that but birds of prey and ace combat 6 as well im dying to play those games again hopefully sooner those games can be backwards compatible hopefully i really miss those games.

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As a gamer that has flown on everything from SEGA to X Box One S & PC. (Apache vs Havoc) and as a Veteran who has experienced the thrill of deploying off multiple platforms IRL. This is a pathetic offering that leaves you in a constant state of trying to find the right settings to give the player any satisfaction. Door gunning is horrid, AI wingman/men worthless & controls laughable. This shouldn't even be offered for free.

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Good game overall

I like the game a lot. Not many Combat Helicopter Simulator games are on Xbox generally. Besides Thunder Wolves on the 360, this game is pretty much on par with what is to be desired from this genre of a game. I believe there can be some improvements mainly in the missions, because they can be too easy. Controls are really nice even if you are a beginner. Customizations are mainly in weapons and a few skins for each helicopter. Also each copter has it's strengths and weaknesses. Test out each one before you go to battle. I haven't tried out multiplayer so I can't give you a review on that. Other than that it's a great game and I would recommend it to any who love Thunder Wolves or Ace Combat games. And ignore the little trolls who diss this game just because it's "Russian" dubbed with English subtitles. It's just a game.

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Just fun

If you like games like this get it. Good controls, good view options, great price.

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Great Simulator

Got the trial of this game not expecting much, but was nicely surprised. I'm a Air Force helicopter pilot and the controls on the pilot setting are right on. Had to flip the controls for the x-axis of the right and left sticks, but other than that it was perfect. The fact that I'm actually writing a review speaks to how impressed I am. I can't overstate it.

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