Battlefield™ Hardline Standard Edition

Battlefield™ Hardline Standard Edition

Electronic Arts
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$19.99 +



Be the law or Break the law in Battlefield™ Hardline. This action-packed blockbuster combines intense signature multiplayer moments of Battlefield with an emotionally charged story and setting reminiscent of a modern television crime drama. In a visceral single-player campaign you’ll play the role of Nick Mendoza, a young detective who embarks on a cross-country vendetta, seeking revenge against once trusted partners on the force. In multiplayer you’ll hunt criminals, raid vaults, and save hostages in new cop and criminal inspired modes like Heist and Rescue.

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Xbox One

Xbox One


  • Online multiplayer (4-66)

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Electronic Arts

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  • Entertainment Software Rating Board

    Mature 17+

    Blood and Gore

    Intense Violence

    Strong Language

    Use of Drugs

    Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB

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Excellent single player mode

I'm not reviewing the multiplayer. It sounded awesome, but was the hardest I ever played. I was constantly killed by snipers, I couldn't even begin to get good at it or enjoy it. But I didn't care because the story was great. Well written a lot of good performances, but some characters were just dumb or overly powerful (like the lady walking on her broken leg for absolutely no reason). What I loved the most was getting to be a cop (so rarely we get that), and actually getting to arrest people rather than shooting everyone, you know, like an actual cop. The bounties were a nice touch, and the variety of weapons, weapon customization, and the progression system were great. A great story mode that I actually played through multiple times.

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Multiplayer Nonsense

I like playing this game, however there are constant issues with multiplayer. One of the major issues is spawns, because from time to time. I'll spawn next to opposing players in a Team-Based Game type such as Team Death match. As soon as I take a few steps, I get killed and then have to wait another seven seconds to spawn. Another issue is the number of players in a match. To compensate for this, either the maps should've been larger for 64 player TDM games. Or there should've been an option to play TDM in 32 players matches. 64 players in TDM on Riptide is well too many players for a small map such as this.

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Hard to take seriously

Despite the negative reviews, this game isnt that bad. Much different than other battlefield titles. Lacks aspects of realism, like an arcade shooter. Still entertaining, providing a refreshing change of pace

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Its different from the other bf games I've played but still pretty cool. I really enjoy the sniping in it.

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Its awsome

It gives you a great campaign thats almost like blue bloods or law and order. You can invest hours into the multiplier with the amazing maps and large scale battles. Theres four DLC's and a premium upgrade that give you even better options with new maps, gamemodes, weapons and more. I think bf1 has a better campaign BUT I think hardline has way better multiplier. The DLC's are 15$ each but if u hury you can get all 5 addons for 15$.

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Great,but needs some work on it.

I respect the mutiplayer and the campaign,but it just needs to be realistic. Maybe get a studio like Raven to shadden up the game. Nevertheless,this game was worth it.

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under rated!

well balanced fun game play and classes

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Get this and the premium quick

A Battlefield game is good. A Battlefield for $5 plus $12.50 for premium is unbeatable. Hell, get BF 4 while your at it. The player base is very healthy in a select few game modes, such as conquest large, team deathmatch, and heist, but you can occasionally get a server in the lesser game modes such as rescue.

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In comparison to BF4 and other shooters, this game is bland. The unique gunplay that BF players are used to is gone. Bullet drop is hardly felt making combat much easier. Destruction of the map isn't in place in Hardline either. The new game modes are mostly played like TDM. Hotwire is the funnest game mode in my opinion. The game comes off as an unwanted mix of Call of Duty and Battlefield. The story mode isn't as bland but it could have been better. The player is an actor for a Crime Investigation show and you go through episodes. Overall, the game might be worth it for story mode but only if it's on sale.

46 out of 63 people found this helpful.

Pretty Good!

Awesome campaign! Ok multiplayer.

33 out of 44 people found this helpful.

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