Take the reins of the most exhilarating chariot race in history, as you become Ben-Hur. Inspired by this year’s reimagining of the epic film, brave the twists of an ancient Roman arena and battle deadly charioteers for your life and the freedom of your family. In this race… the first to finish is the last to die. Experience the glory - and brutality - of ancient Rome. Race merciless charioteers through a stunning re-creation of the Roman arena in Jerusalem, fueled by the visual horsepower of the Xbox One. Race for glory. Crush your rivals. Show no mercy and survive each race by avoiding obstacles and using them against your rivals. Each victory unlocks more difficult tracks, and drives you closer to victory. But if your chariot’s health runs out, so do your chances at freedom. Hurtle towards vengeance. Step into the story of Judah Ben-Hur. Betrayed by your own brother, the ancient arena is your road to revenge. With each race that you win, you’ll sharpen your skills for the final battle.

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Xbox One

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Platform: Xbox

Worst F2P game on XB1

Ben-Hur is an intresting concept for a game, it really is. A racing game that you can also fight in horse chariots and eliminate other racers is a fresh idea. That's all the good things about Ben-Hur. The game can be completed in 10-20 Minutes, being the shortest game I've ever played. My playtime was extended by all the bugs and glitches I found. There was this the one part where it killed me before I got out the gate! It's like the developers were trying to stop me from playing it. I know graphics don't make a game, but the visuals and textures are some of the most ugly I've seen all year, Ps2 games looked better than this. The core gameplay is lackluster, repetitive and boring. The controls are clunky. I had to make almost a complete stop to turn. Don't come here looking for variety. One Track, One Chariot, and One playable character, Ben-Hur. I don't like the name either, I feel dirty saying it. One last thing, this is a Movie based game. I say that so I can say Movie games suck.

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Platform: Xbox


Best racing game I have played.

6 out of 27 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox


I did not like this game at all. It wasn't exciting. There are a lot of racing games and this wouldn't make my top 50.

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Platform: Xbox

11/10 MUST BUY

Cutting edge technology. I don't know what I did with my life before I played this game. best racing game to date.



Laminated Can

Platform: Xbox

Hope they put more effort into the movie.

The game is what it is, a cheap/quickly made game which is meant to promote the upcoming movie.. It is free so not really complainling. cash in on some free easy achievements if thats your thing. otherwise just watch the trailer on youtube.

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Platform: Xbox

The Skyrim of Racing

Super Amazing racing, had me on the edge of my seat. Best graphics on the xbox 1 to date. Cutscenes were beautiful and life like. Engaging story line, had me in tears. 10/10 Like and Subscribe.

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Platform: Xbox

Not terrible!

The acheivement monitoring could be better, it will not unlock almost have of them. However, being a free game it is fantastic!

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Beyond Telos

Platform: Xbox

Feels like a demo or trial than an actual game.

Not much to like other than the easy achievements. At least it's not broken or unplayable. And it's free.




Platform: Xbox

Not the greatest...

but its free and has easy achievements. That alone makes it worth the download.

5 out of 8 people found this helpful.




Platform: Xbox

It's Free...

Pros -Free -1k gamerscore in an hour Cons -Terrible handling -Terrible Camera -Mediocre graphics / sound It's a free movie tie-in. The camera and basic controls lend me to believe this started out as a mobile game. In essence you steer and whip. Treat your horses as if they're made of tissue paper, keep ahead of the competition and whip, whip, whip. Minor challenge in achievements but realistically 1 hour is about all you'll need. Had a few times where I'd be insta killed for seemingly no reason, get stuck, randomly dors wouldn't open etc. Fairly buggy for such a limited game. Geti it, get your gamerscore and delete it.

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