Beyond Eyes

Beyond Eyes

Team17 Digital Ltd
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Beyond Eyes is a modern fairy tale about finding courage and friendship as you carefully guide young Rae on a life changing journey, uncovering an incredible world, step by step. Blinded as a young child, and reluctant to leave the protection of her family home, Rae’s world is once more shattered as Nani, her pet cat, goes missing. Summoning up all the courage she can muster, Rae learns to face her fears and ventures out into the world, to find her best friend.

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Beautiful, But Slow

Right from the start, I instantly fell in love with the water color look. How everywhere you walk, your surroundings uveil beautifully. A word of warning though: A lot of patience is required, as movement throughout the entirety of the game is very slow. I get the reason for story purposes, and it makes sense, but just be aware. Still, it's worth the journey, as long as you're willing to accept the slow pace and very few interactions throughout its short narrative.

147 out of 153 people found this helpful.

A beautiful & captivating story.

This game is truly a work of art. Its what people call a "walking simulator" though I don't like that term. I think story narrative or something like that would better describe the genre. Anyway, this game ninja death punches you right in the heart from the very beginning & keeps slugging away till the very end. You immediately feel for the young girl as you're swept away in this short but rich little story. It must be terrifying to be blind. Just playing this game I found myself sometimes getting really anxious & felt like I was completely alone & lost as I stared into the white background eagerly awaiting the next bit of watercolored details to appear on screen. I finished the game in one sitting but have no regrets in my purchase. It really is a work of art & though short in length, it stands tall in its simple but very emotionally engaging story. I greatly enjoyed it!

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art is subjective

this game is pure art, from its beautiful watercolor design to the minimalistic story, to the way the world unfolds infront of you piece by piece. unfortunately art is subjective and one man's treasure is anothers trash and the phrase 'walking simulator ' will be thrown out alot. but its been avery long while since a game that says so little made me feel so much

41 out of 44 people found this helpful.

Charming but short.

This is a very slow paced exploration game. It's all about the experiencing the world through different senses while searching for your new friend. Though he always seems to be just out of reach, you bravely push on determaned to reconnect. This game only took me about one and a half hours to complete but I did not do any of the achievements. If you do them all you might get about 3 hours of gameplay. While this is a beautiful and touching game, $15 might be pushing it a little bit, but if you see it lower than that you should definitely check it out.

41 out of 45 people found this helpful.

Patience & empathy required. How long will you endure?

Want action, violence & a li'l *pew-pew* or big *BOOM* to keep you entertained? • THIS is NOT a game with any of the above. Go buy a FPS and fufill your destiny. Reclaim your lost hours respawning. • Beyond Eyes is a masterpiece, no doubt. It's gorgeous, heartfelt & enlightening. "See", hear, touch & explore without sight, one hesitant step at a time. A child, alone, wanders further from her own familiar safety than ever before in search of a specific loss, a voice just out of reach. The jingle of a bell, contented mewing & imagined paths led by freedom of choice, gifts taken for granted by many. A loss deemed worth braving for one universal truth: LOVE given freely. Watercolor fluidly paints darkness as imagined sight, texture & sound are encountered. Out of range, colors fade back to black, direction has no place in a world devoid of light. Cautious & brave; noises aren't always as they seem. Sounds, old & new, reveal fear & joy in unimaginable ways. Where will you lead her??

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good needed more though

story was okay. i feel like it would have been better if there was more to do. mabey some human interaction. i feel if others could of helped her along her way. it would have been like hella awsome!! makes a better story to. art was really awsome its wear the stars came in, and i felt sorry for her.

33 out of 39 people found this helpful.

More experience than game

Beautiful, touching, and inspiring, but not really a game in the conventional sense. I think of it as very well done edutainment, because the gameplay is slow and simple, but it still made me empathize with the protagonist like almost no game has before.

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I absolutely loved this game❤ Although she walks slow and you have to get close to things to see where you're going the game is still enjoyable. I particularly fell in love with the story & graphics art. In the story you play as a blind littlte girl that has no friends but makes friends with a kitty.... when the the kitty stops showing up she leaves the comfort of her own home to go find her feline friend. I was so into the story that I actually cried at the end😢😢😢 The game isnt too long & the achievements are easy👍👍👍

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worth $3 mabey worth more NO WAY!

Its a good lil story ends in a few hrs has like 10 achievments or so NO CHALLENGE just a pretty stroll thru a sad tale, beautiful artwork sadly that bout it! 👽

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Great game, short, easy achievements. Good story...will hit you right in the feels.

12 out of 14 people found this helpful.

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